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The municipality of Punta Hermosa says that 90% of residents “complied with evacuation measures” from risk areas in the area.

COEN is monitoring the development of a possible emergency in the Punta Hermosa area of ​​Lima. | Fountain: Andean

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Marco Cerni, deputy head of the civil defense department of the Municipality of St. beautiful pointreported that “90% of the population complied with evacuation measures” from the area’s risk areas in response to the warning avalanche.

“They evacuated by going to their homes in Lima or leaving the homes of their relatives or friends,” he said in an interview. PTR.

Around 8:07 p.m., the commune urged residents of that city, especially residents of Playa Norte and Playa Central, to evacuate on an emergency basis due to reports of a “large-scale landslide”.

For his part, the mayor beautiful pointCarlos Fernández Otero noted that the dam at Santo Domingo de los Oleros, which he called an “illegal quarry”, had created a “vast lagoon”.

“Indeed, the lagoon exists, it began to crack, releasing water, and the danger is that the lagoon starts to dry up and eventually breaks the wall,” he said.

He fears that the volume of water will be “much more than the two consecutive huaicos we received in two days at Punta Hermosa.” “Given this situation, I have decided to order the evacuation of the lower part of Playa Norte and the central part. We evacuated as a precaution,” he added.


For its part, the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) said it was monitoring the development of a possible emergency in the Lima area. beautiful point, due to the rains and floods that have occurred in this area of ​​the country in recent days.

“Indeci recommends following the instructions of the competent authorities and receiving information through official channels,” he said on his Twitter account.

Source: RPP

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