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Minedu: Classes will start on March 20 in schools not affected by rains or mudslides

This Monday, the 20th, classes begin in training centers that are ready and not used as shelters or not affected by rains and mudflows, said Education Minister Oscar Becerra. | Fountain: Andean / reference

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Education Minister Oscar Becerra announced that classes will begin on Monday, the 20th, at training centers that are ready and not occupied as shelters or have not been affected by rains and mudslides in the country.

Similarly, he specified that those schools that are not qualified because they require little work to qualify will start on the 27th of the present.

“We are working to clean up and rebuild the affected schools, so classes will begin on the 27th. In addition, in parallel, over the next week we will work to enable virtual education for those who cannot start on the 27th,” he said, making tour of the area San Antonio de JicamarcaV huarochiriaccompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Oscar Vera.

Colleges as hostels

On the other hand, the head of Minedu assured that there are schools that have sheltered the affected population, and asked the directors to understand that they will shelter people who have been hit hard by rains and floods and need physical and emotional support.

“Therefore, classes will not start there. At this time, it is important to ensure the safety of entire families who have lost everything,” he explained.

“I ask parents not to worry because we are going to restore teaching. Now it is important to help families who have lost everything to try to return to normal life,” said Oscar Becerra.

Victim support

Members of the executive branch reached the people’s canteen New Life Gardens Part of Altawhere they met with citizens to learn about their needs and explain the actions the government will take in response to the landslides.

Oscar Becerra later arrived at the Veritatis Splendor IE parish in Annex 22 of Hicamarca, where he delivered food donated by private companies and discussed education with Maria Dilsia Saavedra, the headmaster of that school.

Source: RPP

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