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I'm Liza Grey, an experienced news writer and author at the Buna Times. I specialize in writing about economic issues, with a focus on uncovering stories that have a positive impact on society. With over seven years of experience in the news industry, I am highly knowledgeable about current events and the ways in which they affect our daily lives.

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The air force confirmed the downing of the second A-50 early warning aircraft

The air force has confirmed the downing of a second A-50 airborne early warning aircraft. .in_text_content_22 { width: 300px; height: 600px; } @media(min-width: 600px) { .in_text_content_22 { width: 580px; height: 400px; } } . So far this is the third loss of the A-50. Prior...

Jojo Todynho announces break-up

Jojo Todynho used his Instagram profile to announce the end of his relationship with Renato Santiago.This Friday, the 23rd, the singer published a series of videos on her Stories, a tool on the platform, to communicate the end of the relationship.The champion of The Farm 12 He...

See what messages are hidden in the elevator of the ‘ONE SPARK’ video

The group released today, the 23rd, their newest mini-album “With YOU-th”, accompanied by “ONE SPARK”, MV for the title track; Listen!This Friday, the 23rd, TWICE released their long-awaited mini-album, “With YOU-th” along with the MV for the title track. This is “ONE SPARK”, a single...