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NATO started talking about deploying 300,000 troops on Russia’s border – media

Image: US Marine Corps

The Alliance began talking about strengthening its eastern borders and the need to send military personnel to the border line.

NATO is considering the idea of ​​strengthening the eastern borders with the Russian Federation by accumulating equipment and a military contingent of up to 300,000 soldiers, it should make it impossible for Russia to expand the war beyond Ukraine, Politico reports.

Journalists noted that NATO intends to restrain the Russian Federation if it decides to expand the war beyond Ukraine. Therefore, the Alliance began talking about strengthening its eastern borders and the need to send up to 300,000 troops to the border.

It was noted that such actions require coordination and great efforts from the 30 NATO members to provide them with soldiers, places for training, a large amount of weapons, equipment and ammunition.

However, in the coordination of actions, the newspaper notes, difficulties may arise, because many countries of the Alliance are already worried about their own insufficient stocks of ammunition, the replenishment of which requires of time and money.

Politico writes that the military leadership of NATO countries must submit updated regional defense plans. Alliance officials are putting forward the idea that up to 300,000 troops should guard its borders with the Russian Federation, the newspaper reports.

It was noted that the first echelon of NATO troops could consist of about 100,000 soldiers ready to leave within 10 days. This may include military personnel from Poland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

A second group of troops, the newspaper wrote, will support these soldiers, ready to deploy in 10-30 days from countries like Germany.

Earlier it was reported that two F-35 fighters of the Netherlands Air Force intercepted a group of three Russian military aircraft in the skies over Poland.

Later, Russian aircraft entered Alaska’s air defense zone.

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