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Results 20.11: Austin’s visit and new US aid

Photo: Press Service of the President of Ukraine

Pentagon chief arrives in Kyiv; The management of the State Special Communications Service was informed of suspicion of corruption and dismissed from work. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

The head of the Pentagon arrived in Kyiv

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrives in Kyiv. He said the purpose of his visit was to convey an important message: The United States will continue to support Ukraine in its fight for independence against Russian aggression, now and in the future. President Vladimir Zelensky met with the head of the Pentagon. The parties discussed the current situation at the front, strategic goals and priority needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Separately, the need to strengthen Ukraine on the eve of winter was noted. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and Defense Minister Rustem Umerov also met with Austin. They discussed Ukraine’s current and future battlefield needs and Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

The Pentagon announced a new aid package for Ukraine

The US Department of Defense announced the provision of additional assistance to Ukraine in the field of security and defense in the amount of $100 million. The new package includes Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, a HIMARS system and additional ammunition, artillery shells, optically guided TOW missiles, Javelin and AT-4 anti-tank systems, as well as ammunition, ammunition, equipment and spare parts.

The management of the State Special Communications Service was informed of suspicion of corruption and dismissed from work

The government removed the head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, Yuriy Shchigol, as well as his deputy for digital development, digital transformation and digitalization, Viktor Zhora. On the same day, they and other officials were informed of the suspicion of misuse of 62 million Hryvnia. According to the investigation, participants in the scheme withdrew 62 million hryvnias to the accounts of controlled companies abroad for the purpose of further legalization.

Ukraine has created a structure for F-16 integration

A special structure, Office-61, was created under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which will deal with the integration of F-16 fighters into the general system of the Defense Forces. The main areas of work of Office 61, in particular, are the development and protection of airport infrastructure, training of pilots and aviation personnel, support in the life cycle of aircraft, as well as international communications.

Preparing changes for mobilization – representatives of the people

The Verkhovna Rada is preparing for the registration of a large bill with changes to mobilization, military registration and military service. This was reported by MP from Public Servant Marianna Bezugla. Future legislation, if enacted, will change the procedure for granting deferment from conscription to citizens receiving higher and higher education. The document specified new grounds for dismissal, and also expanded the list of people accepted for military registration.

The details of the protection of energy facilities have become known

The government and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine organized work to ensure three-level protection of energy infrastructure facilities. The State Agency for Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Development reported the first results. The first level of protection is the construction of gabions and large bags that will protect against debris from drones and missiles. The second level of protection is from drones and suicide bombers. These are concrete structures that are being built around the main network of Ukrenergo, starting from March of this year. The third level of protection is against missiles. 22 substations are protected from direct hits by powerful missiles in 14 regions.

Finland is ready to completely close the border with Russia

The country is ready to close the last four checkpoints on the border with Russia on the night of November 22. Finnish authorities cited the uncontrolled arrival of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Somalia as the reason for this decision. The Kremlin said that Finland allegedly has reasons for closing the border with Russia, and that its leadership follows an exclusively Russophobic position.

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