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Russia uses hybrid warfare tactics on Finland – ISW border

Russia is trying to repeat the “migration crisis” scenario between Poland and Belarus on the Finnish border.

Russia is using hybrid warfare tactics to artificially create a migration crisis on the Finnish border. This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) on the results of Monday, November 20.

Hybrid warfare tactics on the Russian-Finnish border are similar to how Russia and Belarus created a migration crisis on the Polish border in 2021, and are likely both aimed at destabilizing NATO.

The Kremlin then took advantage of the fabricated crisis of 2021 to accuse NATO of aggression against Belarus. The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that it will take any measures deemed necessary to ensure its own security. ISW experts are convinced that an attempt to create a migration crisis in Finland is one of the steps to destabilize the political situation in NATO countries.

Finnish authorities closed four checkpoints on Finland’s southeastern border with Russia on November 18 after the Finnish Border Guard reported that since September 2023, around 300 asylum seekers, mainly from Iraq, Yemen , Somalia, arrived at the Finnish border from Russia.

Finnish publication Iltalehti reported on November 20 that Finnish authorities are considering closing the entire border with Russia on the night of November 21.

“It is likely that these migrants continued to stay at the Finnish border in sub-zero temperatures of their own free will after the border guards did not allow them into Finnish territory, and this indicates that Russia is likely involved in this situation,” experts. remember

Experts recall that the Kremlin rejected Finland’s accusations of Russia’s involvement in creating an artificial influx of migrants.

We remind you that on November 16, Finland decided to stop the work of four of the nine border checkpoints at Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra and Nirala, and from November 18 they are closed to traffic.

This is a response to the sharp increase in refugees and asylum seekers arriving from the territory of the Russian Federation. Finnish soldiers also appeared at the border.

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