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Hungary did not accept the concession to Ukraine

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Budapest will continue to block EU military aid to Ukraine until OTP Bank is finally removed from the list of “international war sponsors”.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry said they are unhappy with Ukraine’s decision to temporarily exclude OTP Bank from the list of war sponsors in order to unlock 500 million euros from the EU war fund, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, September 30 .

Thus, Budapest said that Ukraine’s temporary exclusion of Hungarian OTP Bank from the list of “international war sponsors” in an attempt to unblock EU military aid does not significantly change the situation.

This step took place after negotiations between representatives of the agency and representatives of companies and governments of the two countries to end cooperation with the Russian Federation.

The NAPC expects this decision to lead to Hungary unblocking 500 million euros of valuable EU military aid.

The move is not a “significant change” and Hungary will not contribute to additional EU funding for arms supplies to Ukraine until OTP Bank, the country’s largest lender, is delisted, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

Let’s remember that in May of this year, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) included the Hungarian OTP Bank in the list of international war sponsors. The reason for this decision is that the management of this bank continues to operate in the Russian Federation and actually recognized the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”.

At the same time, the foreign ministers of Hungary and Germany argued about OTP Bank. Annalena Berbock drew attention to the illegal activities of the financial institution in the occupied territories, but Peter Szijjarto opposed her.

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