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The OP explained the nature of modern Russia

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The post-Soviet Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin’s time was a huge factory for producing “show-offs” for export, noted Mikhail Podolyak.

Russia today tries to give the impression of a supposedly strong country, but in reality its “pretend” is worthless. Advisor to the head of the Presidential Office, Mikhail Podolyak, wrote about this in Telegram on Monday, September 25.

He recalled that the assessments of Western “Sovietologists” and “Kremlinologists” often differed from those of Ukrainians. While Ukrainians continue to trust their statements and actions about Russia.

Podolyak also recalled how the conclusions of the world’s main intelligence services about the “fall of Kyiv in three days” failed.

“In the Russian language there is a word” show-off “. It does not have an exact English translation in the meaning of the Russian word, although the closest variant to it is “show-off” (showing off, – ed.),” he said.

According to Podolyak, Ukrainians know better than many the nature of Russia today: that the post-Soviet Russian Federation of the era of Vladimir Putin is a huge factory for producing “show-offs” for export , which is a way of overcompensating for its own complexes.

At the same time, he noted that many in the West continue to evaluate Russia as a diminished Soviet Union and think in Cold War terms. In addition, these people have an emotional memory of life at that time. So, as Podolyak noted, they are doomed to continue to be shocked by the inconsistency of forecasts for Russia.

“Remember. All Russian politics is based on the well-known idea: “big eyes in fear.” Don’t buy “showing” in Russia. Moscowand S-400 air defense system Successand “hypersonic” missiles dagger“, summed up the adviser to the head of the OP.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said today was a “bad moment” for negotiations with Russia. The head of state is ready for a long war.

The Kremlin announced Ukraine’s “non-admission” to NATO
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