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The search continues for a woman who went missing during a landslide in Cieneguilla.

The woman has been declared missing since last Tuesday, the 14th. Fountain: PTR

A woman over 60 years old went missing last Tuesday, March 14, after a landslide in the Cieneguilla area. Near Zaragoza Chipana Huauya, who left his house, located at the top, near the river bank, to work, just at the moment when the ravines became active. At that moment, the flow increased and from that moment on, his relatives do not know about his whereabouts.

for now, Rescuers and relatives arrived at the scene and joined the search. They clean up debris and trees that have been swept away by the current because, not finding the woman, they suspect that her body may have been stranded on the shore.

Julius Cesar Andiamissing woman’s son RPP News that perhaps his mother was pushed into the river during the activation of the ravine.

“My mom has been missing since Tuesday around 4pm. She went out for a moment to go about her business as usual. When she returned, she contacted us. She called us before. , but from there the father tells us that he did not come after the rain, after they got off and sat down. This gives us the idea that she may have been trying to get to the river, the activated ravine probably reached her or pushed her into the river.. Or maybe he had an accident around here. We haven’t heard from her since Tuesday,” he said.

They ask for help

Zaragoza’s son Chipan Huauya asked for help from rescuers so they could try to find his mother. National Police of Peru He is already in place, carrying out the relevant instructions.

“We need the help of rescuers to be able to extend the search further from the place where my mother disappeared. We only have support in two days, but if they can give us a little more support, that would be very good,” he said. concluded.

Source: RPP

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