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Anna Koshmal shows her archival photos

Photo: instagram.com/smorkovkina

The celebrity admitted that he has changed a lot, while not on the outside as much as on the inside.

The famous Ukrainian actress Anna Koshmal showed her fans what she looked like in her youth. He posted his archival photos on Instagram.

The actress admitted that now she has changed a lot, because in her youth she preferred a more sporty look.

“Few people know, but in my youth, I and femininity were almost incompatible. I danced hip-hop, participated in battles and even won. I wore wide pants and dressed second-hand, “wrote he.

At the same time, Anna Koshmal added that she did not follow her diet, and also loved noisy companies.

“Until the age of 20, I didn’t think about what I ate and how it affected my health and consciousness. I could eat a few chocolates one day, eat too much fatty food, or, on the other banda, starved myself. . And I also constantly need company. Anyone nearby. It seems to me that only lonely losers can go to the cinema or cafe themselves, “said the artist.

But now the actress noted that she is completely different, because she found femininity in herself and began to take care of her health.

“I found sophistication and sexuality in myself; I became a vegan and was picky about all my stuff; I felt whole and started to enjoy being alone, even when I traveled alone. And this is one of the most vivid experience of my life. So many mistakes were analyzed , so much work was done on yourself. The main thing is to start your path of change. Change is as natural as possible for those who strive for more, ” summed up the celebrity.

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It was previously reported that Anna Koshmal showed her fans how a resident of Russian Orenburg offered to perform at one of the events.

Anna Koshmal shows how the Russians reacted to a missile attack in Ukraine

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