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Sharon Stone spoke about the consequences of fame

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Sharon Stone achieved worldwide fame in the thriller Basic Instinct in 1992, in which she played writer Catherine Tramel.

American actress Sharon Stone talked about how hard it is to be rich and famous. InStyle reported it.

According to the star, after gaining worldwide fame, he can no longer fly on regular flights and is forced to hire security guards because his safety is always at risk. In addition, he will need to hire a whole team of workers to maintain his stylish appearance.

“At least now, people understand that Jennifer Lawrence can’t just get on a plane. Nicole Kidman can’t jump on a Delta flight. Neither can Sharon Stone, no matter how many movies she makes.” , – she said.

Sharon Stone also added that when in any establishment, the media person always brings a bill.

“You go to dinner, and there’s 15 people at the table, and who gets the check? Every time you get a check for dinner for $3,000,” the star admitted. Basic instinct.

It was previously reported that Sharon Stone shared a photo with her mother Dorothy.

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