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How high-level sport is advancing everyday medicine

Do you know Emil Zatopek? This running legend, the author of an unprecedented Olympic hat-trick in 1952, is the one who first experimented with interval training. He did 100 sets of 400 meters… Extreme, which is not recommended for everyone. However, the splitting principle is widely used. “First in the world of professional and amateur sports, then recently among patients”emphasizes Pr: Guillaume Millet, sports physiologist and teacher at the University of Saint-Etienne.

The pr: François Carré, a cardiologist and sports doctor at Rennes University Hospital, explains the advantage of this method. “For sports champions like you and me, but also for sick people, every minute of training should be beneficial. This is what allows interval training, the purpose of which is to work at a high intensity. » The expert presents his point of view with an example. imagine…

Source: Le Figaro

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