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Movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix in June

Terrible dramas, passionate loves, bloody series… At the dawn of summer, the American platform presents many new opportunities.

Shivering for a shot

In Run Rabbit Runa little girl confides in her mother that she has strange memories of a different life… Or maybe a painful family past is resurfacing? netflix:

Run Rabbit Run (June 28)

black-mirrorSeason 6 (June)

TitansSeason 4 (June 25)

Delete (June 28)

ManifestSeason 4, Episode 2 (June 2)

To join? girl group

Inspired by true events, the series Barracuda Queens traces the heists organized by a group of friendss determined to take revenge on the men who had wronged them. netflix:

Barracuda Queens (June 5)

ValeriaSeason 3 (June 2)

For love that comes and goes

Through this third season Love is blind. Brazila handful of bachelors embark on a blind search for love. netflix:

Love is blind. BrazilSeason 3 (June 7)

From my window. Love as a horizon (June 23)

Let’s break up (June 22)

Missed connections (June 2)

Wonderful weeks! (June 9)

Everything to be believed (June 23)

My first times Season 4 (June 8)

For stories of money and dominance

The Hunt in the Blood presents the bitter struggle of three friends who, stuck in a money business, fight a ruthless loan shark. netflix:

The Hunt in the Blood (June 9)

The iNumber number. Johannesburg gold (June 23)

Yes, a surrogate mother (June 14)

For cooling research

As the criminal case is reopened, an overworked cop and a young prosecutor uncover a conspiracy within the police facility itself. sleeping dog tells the harrowing story of their investigation. netflix:

sleeping dog (June 22)

Card Game Killer (June 9)

Scoop (June 2)

Devil’s advocate (June 22)

Catching the killersSeason 3 (June 23)

For a multifaceted world of work

When Marco Meija lands a job with makeup icon Madoline Addison, his professional life takes a whole new turn. he can finally come to terms with himself as the odd man out. netflix:

Glamorous (June 22)

On his way (June 9)

Human resources (June 9)

A bit for sport

through a documentary film Arnold: depicts the journey of medal-winning bodybuilder, actor and high-flying Arnold Schwarzenegger. netflix:

Arnold: (June 7)

Tour de France. In the heart of the peloton (June 8)

Break point. Part 2: (June 21)

For a family evening

Migrations, habits, behavior… Our Planet II offers a dive into the animal world to better understand how it works and understand its needs. netflix:

Our Planet II (June 14)

Narwhal or almost (June 19)

Black Clover. Sword of the Sorcerer-Emperor (June 16)

Nimona (June 30)

Source: Le Figaro

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