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Poland may close the border with Ukraine to trade

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Warsaw and Kyiv are discussing the possible temporary closure of the border to the movement of goods until the accumulated problems are resolved.

Poland may completely close its border with Ukraine for some time, halting bilateral trade. Similar negotiations are underway in Kyiv. This was said by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, reports Tysol.pl.

“I did not hide the fact that we are talking with Ukraine about the temporary closure of the border. I am ready for difficult decisions about the border, but after it was agreed in Kiev,” he said.

The Polish prime minister noted that such a decision was only temporary and at the same time “sick.”

“Poland has a trade surplus with Ukraine. We sell more,” Tusk added.

The head of the Polish government also mentioned that the border closure will be the main topic of his negotiations with farmers, which will take place on Thursday, February 29.

“I am ready to make difficult decisions when it comes to the border of Ukraine, but I always consult with Kiev so that there is no unnecessary tension. However, a long-term solution must be sought,” said Tusk.

We remind you that Polish farmers have been blocking the Ukrainian border for several weeks. They do not allow trucks to pass through the checkpoint, and also destroy Ukrainian agricultural products.

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal proposed a five-step Mutual Understanding Plan with Poland, designed to unblock the border.

Ukraine’s clash with Poland would be “the biggest stupidity in history” – Tusk
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