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Employment in the mining industry started the year with a fall and has been falling for three months

At the end of 2022, the mining industry created over 218,000 jobs in Peru. | Fountain: Andean

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The mining sector started 2023 with a reduction Positions he proposes, according to a recent report from the Department of Energy and Mines (Minem).

During January, 211,430 people were registered. workplaces directly in the metal mining sector, which is 5.8% less than was registered in 2022.

The fall, registered at the beginning of the year, marks the third consecutive drop in mining employment amid roadblocks and social conflicts reported in recent months.

This impact on employment in the mining industry coincides with the consequences of the exploitation of the Las Bambas, Hudbay and Antapakkay mines between Cusco and Apurimac.

In addition, the amount Job which is now recorded is the lowest since 2020, the year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which regions have more jobs in the mining industry?

Minem points out that Arequipa The region continues to rank first in mining employment with 30,615 people.

In second place is Moquegua with 20,819 mining jobs, followed by La Libertad with 19,249 miners.

However, Minem points out that there are currently more workers miners who depend on contractor companies and fewer directly employed.

In January, jobs created by contractors accounted for 68.4% of the total number of participants, i.e. about 7 out of 10 jobs in the mining industry were provided by contractors.

Only 31.6% of mining jobs are created directly Mining companiesthat is, about a third of the workers.

Source: RPP

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