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Madre de Dios: A gas bottle costs S/200 in Puerto Maldonado.

In the case of Madre de Dios, the Peruvian Hydrocarbon Society (SPH) warns that supplies have become impossible. | Font: Andean

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A 10kg kitchen gas bottle costs up to S$200 in Puerto Maldonado, located in Madre de Dios, due to roadblocks.

Impossibility of transportation gas into the region at the height of the protests has caused a shortage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), affecting prices and families’ pockets.

“Puerto Maldonado no longer has gas. People sell it for SGD 200. The situation is critical. No gas, no petrol. Now I use coal. I use coal for cooking either,” Wilson, a Puerto resident, told RPP Noticias -Maldonado.

Region Mother of God It was affected by a stoppage of traffic for more than 20 days, which, in addition to the previous stop, prevented the supply of all types of fuel.

As of now, Osinergmin reports that in Puerto Maldonado, specifically in the Laberinto area and the city of Santa Rosa, there are 17 paralyzed cisterns with 149,550 gallons of liquid. diesel and gasoline.

Regarding LPG, BIOGAS indicates that they are awaiting the arrival of a tanker with 10,000 gallons of LPG left over from January 5 due to the blockade.

Another jungle region facing supply issues is Ucayali, where more than 100 taps in the city of Pucallpa are reported to be running out of 90-octane gasoline as of Thursday.

The Coronel Portillo Crane Association told the RPP that the tankers arrived with it on Saturday. gasbut this income was only enough to supply the market this week.

Source: RPP

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