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Nine out of 10 private schools plan to raise pensions this year

The average increase in school pensions will be 9%. | Font: Andean

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In 2022, spending on education grew by an average of 3.84%, according to the latest inflation report from the National Statistical and Informatics Institute (INEI), and will continue to rise this year.

Only for pensions Education for the Future Group (GEF) indicates that 86% of private schools, or about nine out of 10 schools, said they plan to increase their pensions.

The GEF study shows that the increase in pensions will average 9%, which exceeds the increase recorded in recent years.

Even between 6% and 10% colleges admits to estimating a 45 percent increase in the price of school fees.

According to the GEF, the increase in the cost of pensions will be higher in Segment C schools, which pay from 400 to 1000 s/m.

“Large school chains such as Innova Schools, Futura Schools and Saco Oliveros are in segment C,” GEF director Justo Zaragoza told the Gestión newspaper.

Recall that with the pandemic, school pensions fell by 15-20% in 2020. But then rates started to rise in 2021 and returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

Despite this increase, it is not expected to lead to mass migration pupils.

For its part, the Association of Private Schools of Lima (Acopril) notes that this increase has already been communicated to parents since last October.

Why will pensions grow?

The GEF points out that one of the reasons for the increase is the increase in the cost of education with the increase in teachers’ salaries.

In addition, schools also predict higher maintenance costs. infrastructure and equipment of educational centers.

Another important piece of information is the level of arrears in school pensions, which is around 10%. And this is after it reached 40% between 2020 and 2021.

Source: RPP

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