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UZ launched new trains in four regions

Photo: intercity.kiev.ua

The new Intercity route will connect Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky and Ternopil. The train runs every day.

On Sunday, December 10, Ukrzaliznytsia launched Intercity train No. 747/748, connecting Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky and Ternopil.

According to the company’s press service, Intercity No. 747 departs daily from Kyiv at 16:30 and arrives in Ternopil at 23:02. The train stops at the following stations:

  • Kozatin-1 (18:27 – 18:29),

  • Kalinovka-1 (19:00 – 19:02),

  • Vinnitsa (19:19 – 19:22),

  • Khmelnitsky (21:15 – 21:18).

In the other direction, train No. 748 will depart from Ternopil in the morning at 06:32 and arrive in Kyiv at 12:45. The following stops are provided:

  • Khmelnitsky (08:07 – 08:10),

  • Vinnitsa (09:57 – 10:00),

  • Kalinovka-1 (10:20 – 10:21),

  • Kozatin-1 (10:53 – 10:54).

The route will be launched on December 10 and will be served by the fastest Ukrainian train – Tarpan. Tickets are now available in the Ukrzaliznytsia app, on the website, in the chatbot and at the ticket office stations, UZ added.

Earlier, Ukrzaliznytsia reminded about the return of Ski Express on the Kyiv-Slavske route.

The price of tickets for the Kyiv – Warsaw train will increase by 70%

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