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Gallo “Bartolito”, a family favorite from Chaclacayo, survived the landslides that destroyed the city.

The animal escaped the destructive action of nature in order to stay alive.

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“Bartolito” is the only one animal with the life that remains Palomino Godines. It’s about bold What survived to the passage of up to three landslides that destroyed the homes of this family from the Casa Huerta Los Paltos association in the Chaclacayo area on Tuesday, March 14th.

And the fact is that the power of huaicos was such that John Palomino Godinez he didn’t have time to get his things out of the house or save his animalswashed away by muddy waters. Trying to save something from his home would put his life in danger.

House John was reduced to debrisbut in the midst of the devastation, his cock Bartolito remained, which eluded destructive action of nature stay alive.

Despite the fact that four days have passed since the tragedy, John, his family and the animal remain in the open, waiting for the right help from local authorities.

Yes, the man commented RPP News who have not received any help so far and are only eating food provided by their friends and some of their relatives.

“There is no help from the municipality. He came the day before yesterday to introduce himself, nothing more, and left, nothing more. I stay outdoors and we eat what our relatives support us,” he said.

case about Palomino Godinez family sums up the critical situation not only of the Casa Huerta Los Paltos association, but also of the rest of the Chaclacayo area, affected by heavy rains a few days ago. If you would like to support them, you can contact the following number: 948 695 376.

The story of a piglet rescued in the Chillon River ended tragically.

On Monday, March 13, the story of a group of residents of the Los Gallinasos sector, located on the border of the Puente and Comas districts, who organized the rescue of a pig stuck on the banks of the Chillon River, became known. ., whose runoff has increased as a result of heavy rains.

An increase in the river’s flow caused at least 30 dilapidated houses in the Comas jurisdiction, including pig farms, to collapse that morning. Neighbors said the animal arrived near Puente Piedras after being dragged about a thousand meters.

Seeing an animal fight for its life Neighbour he tied himself with ropes and, with the help of other men, went down to the bank of the river, despite the strong current.

Despite efforts to save the pig, it was reported the next day that the animal had been cooked by its own rescuers.

A woman named Mary Mulkey assured that she was the owner of a pig rescued from the waters of the Chillon River. According to her, she did not know that the neighbors saved the piglet. When he tried to ask for it back, he was told that it had already been prepared.

“I didn’t know that other neighbors had saved him. The serenasgo came and told me that some young people had saved them with a rope from the river below,” he said.

“I went, and they told me: “Yes, the neighbor is here in the house, we settled him.” And I tell them how it will be, because I wanted to take it with me, but they tell me that it is no longer possible. (…) We saved a pig from a bunch of people so we could eat it and give it away,” Mary added.

Source: RPP

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