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Waiko damages Chaclacayo education center and more than a thousand students could be left without classes [VIDEO]

Waiko destroyed the wall of the symbolic school of Felipe Santiago Estenos | Fountain: RPP news

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Yesterday afternoon, Thursday, after the activation of the Cusipata Gorge in the Chaclacayo region of Lima, a landslide destroyed the fence around the perimeter of the symbolic school. Felipe Santiago Estenos.

Having made its way to the campus, the accumulation of dirt and stones flooded 20 classrooms on the ground floor of the school and fell into central road, leaving the panorama of the tragedy in the educational institution, a few days before the start of the school year.

“Destroyed everything”

RPP News was able to talk to Oscara school janitor who, along with a group of parents, tried to clean up the dirt with picks and shovels.

“Practically we were left in ruins. It’s just sad to see the situation. The mud reached almost one and a half meters, it reached my chest. The classrooms are completely flooded,” he said.

The landslide came through the back of campus just hours after parents cleared the school of what was left of the first landslide recorded last Tuesday, he said.

“We are 7 employees of the school and we don’t know what to do anymore. We have been abandoned by the authorities. Last night they came from COAL №6 and we were told that a representative would come this morning. We hope so,” he said.

He also pointed out that the institution’s pool was filled with mud and the drains were destroyed.

School Felipe Santiago Estenos Works in 3 shifts: morning, afternoon and night. Together they are almost 1500 students those who may lose their schooling.

The concierge urged the regional, municipal and Ministry of Education (Minedu) authorities to provide them with the necessary assistance to secure repairs to the campus, which he says is uninhabitable.

“We hope that the authorities will endure. We don’t know what we will do. What measures will be taken, will we be relocated or what will be done, because the school has become almost uninhabitable. We only have 10 classrooms on the second floor because all the others are damaged,” he said.

Source: RPP

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