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The 2023 Ig Nobel Prize winners have been announced

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The purpose of the prize is to reward authors of unusual research to increase people’s interest in science.

On the evening of September 15, Kyiv time, the Ig Nobel Prize award ceremony took place at Harvard University.

It should be noted that the award is awarded annually in ten categories, but their list is always different. This time the rewards are:

Medicine Award

A group of scientists from the USA, Canada, Macedonia, Iran and Vietnam studied human corpses for a specific characteristic. Are we the same hairs that grow in both nostrils?

Prize in Chemistry

This was received by paleontologist Jan Zalasiewicz, who explained why many scientists like to lick rocks.

Mechanical Engineering Award

Researchers from India, China, Malaysia and the US have received it for reviving dead spiders for use as mechanical handling devices.

Prize for Literature

The Ig Nobel was awarded to four specialists who studied the sensations of people repeating the same word several times in a row. Scientists have studied this phenomenon, called “word alienation” and “semantic saturation.”

Health Care Award

This was achieved by South Korean and American researcher Park Sung Min, who created a toilet that would collect many samples himself.

Communication Award

It went to a team from Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Chile, China and the USA who studied the mental activity of people who easily speak backwards.

Nutrition Award

Japanese scientists received the Ig Nobel for their experiments with electrified chopsticks and cocktail straws. They found out if the taste of food changes in this case.

Education Grant

A team of researchers from China, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, the US and Japan examined how boring lectures affect teachers and students.

Psychology Prize

American scientists received it for street experiments: they counted how many random passers-by would stop to look up if they saw a person standing and looking up.

Prize in Physics

Scientists from Spain, Galicia, Switzerland, France and the UK decided to measure how the sexual activity of anchovies affects the mixing of ocean water.

It was previously reported that the works of the finalists of the competition for the funniest photos with animals, The Comedy Pet Photo Awards-2023, were presented in the UK.

The 2021 Ig Nobel Prize winners have been announced
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