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understand the influence of the planet on the 12 signs of the zodiac

According to Bárbara Christan, Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, faith, studies, justice and ethics. He is the exaggerated of the zodiac and is linked to beliefs. It accelerates wills, dreams and gives courage to put everything into practice. Jupiter also rules Sagittarius and Pisces, is exiled in Gemini and Virgo, has an exaltation in Cancer and a detriment in Capricorn.

Next, find out how Jupiter acts in each sign.

Jupiter in Aries

Who has Jupiter in Arieshas the drive to seek personal and professional development and has great strength to pursue goals. He also has a lot of initiative and leadership spirit. Courage is great and is mirrored in people who are also fearless and have faith in growth and victory.

Jupiter in Taurus

He is a person who manages resources and materials with excellence. He has a lot of respect for personal values ​​and achievements, in addition to attracting wealth to business. He likes everything that is quality: food, clothes, car, house and relationships. He must beware of selfishness and waste.

Jupiter in Gemini

He is a person who has great communication skills, has a lot of talk and wins everyone over with a good chat. He is extremely mental. There is a lot of curiosity, willingness to learn, communicate, exchange and write. But, being exiled, it is difficult to delve into what he does and focus on one thing, changing the object of interest all the time.

People with Jupiter in Cancer are affectionate and caring (Image: Image: Vadim Sadovski | Shutterstock)

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer encourages family blessings. There is a wealth of kindness, affection and care for those you love. But the person can have excessive zeal, to the point of suffocating the next. It gives a lot of value to roots, family bases and the past. Strength comes from home. You tend to work with food, nourishing yourself and your loved ones. You should be careful with the lack of practicality and utopias.

Jupiter in Leo

Who has Jupiter in Lion it is expansive, has a lot of strength, optimism and generosity. Leo’s brilliance helps to gain social recognition, self-confidence and distinguish one’s own value in the world. The leadership vein is intense and has a strong drawing power. He must beware of financial risk and reckless spending in pursuit of maintaining status.

Jupiter in Virgo

Planet fall. When Jupiter is placed in this sign, the person must be careful with relationships at work and in personal life. You have to be careful not to demand too much without settling for anything. He is a very perfectionist person, he has facility for technical and precise activities. If you donate to others in order to serve. There is a desire to expand knowledge.

Jupiter in Libra

In this position, the love and justiceare essential items. The person seeks balance and ethics in everything he does. But he has difficulty choosing, he may even have more than one partner. He is sociable and appreciates interaction, but needs to handle responsibilities better.

People with Jupiter in Scorpio are reserved and observant.
People with Jupiter in Scorpio are reserved and observant (Image: Vadim Sadovski | Shutterstock)

Jupiter in Scorpio

The person has a strong inclination towards occult sciences, investigations and mysticism. She is reserved and observant. At the same time that he discovers everything about others, he keeps it to himself. He knows how to involve people so that they act according to their wishes. You may have legal problems involving payments, inheritances and pensions.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Expansive, cheerful, adventurous and explorer! At home, Jupiter inSagittarius favors study and experiences abroad. It is linked to research, philosophy, religions and justice. He is a person who strongly believes in what he studies, which can make him dogmatic, stubborn and arrogant. Natural questioner, loves freedom and fights for a better world.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Capricorn here puts a tone that is too rigid and too realistic for Jupiterian optimism. Tends to be a serious, responsible and cold person. It has a strong tendency to brake attitudes instead of accelerating them. When well aspected, the individual attains high office, goods, property, recognition and social importance.

People with Jupiter in Aquarius value freedom of expression
People with Jupiter in Aquarius value freedom of expression (Image: Vadim Sadovski | Shutterstock)

Jupiter in Aquarius

The air of revolution hovers over this position. There is expansion of ideologies, interaction with diverse groups and attraction for what is unusual. the person canwork with technologies and sciences. It seeks ways to reinvent itself, based on communication and rationality. It values ​​freedom of expression and choice. He is very involved in philanthropic activities and humanitarian causes.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter inFish causes an expansion of beauty, sensitivity, spirituality and healing. Giving to others is strong in this person. It always seeks elevation and therefore tends to isolation. You need to find a way to express all the emotion you have inside of you, which can be through paintings and other forms of art. Mediumship is favored, so you should be careful with the easy absorption of negative energies. Being close to nature is very good for the native.

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