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Suicide attempt. this device that limits recidivism

Suicide attempt.  this device that limits recidivism

Every year, 150-200 thousand people attempt suicide in France, and a significant part of them will commit suicide again. “We know that 40% of people who experience this for the first time will repeat the gesture in their life, more than half of them within six months.”privatizes P.r: Guillaume Vaiva, a psychiatrist at Lille University Hospital. He is the founder of VigilanS, a system that keeps in touch with people who have been hospitalized for suicide attempts. The purpose: avoiding another action by maintaining a personalized connection with the person in pain without invading their existence. And it works!

In the twelve months following a suicide attempt, the risk of recurrence among people in care drops by almost 40%, according to a study recently published by Public Health France. “Efficacy observed independent of gender and whether or not it is a first suicide attempt”emphasizes Pr: Wow. Added to that is the character…

Source: Le Figaro

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