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Actresses Judi Dench and Sian Phillips have become the first women to join Garrick, London’s famous ‘boys club’.

Actresses Judi Dench and Sian Phillips have become the first women to join Garrick, London’s famous ‘boys club’.

This is London’s last ‘boys club’. This Monday, July 1, two actresses have just been made “distinguished members” of the institution, which includes King Charles III and Brian Cox.

It is one of the most legendary clubs in London and one of the oldest. Known for being exclusively for men, the Garrick Club has just experienced a turning point. This Monday, July 1st, Keeper reports that two women have been appointed as “distinguished members” of the institution for the first time. These are actresses Judi Dench (Hamlet, James Bond) and Sian Phillips (Beckett, Dunn). Aged 89 and 91 respectively, they took advantage of accelerated membership at the annual members’ meeting.

For several years, the Garrick Club has been increasingly criticized for its lack of diversity. Founded in 1831, the institution, located in central London’s Covent Garden district, has been regularly criticized for its archeology and male intimacy in places of power and influence. Its members include many judges and lawyers, journalists, high-ranking civil servants and political leaders.

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Brian Cox and Benedict Cumberbatch

According to the list revealed in March, not yet The Guardian:King Charles III or even actors Brian Cox (succession) and Benedict Cumberbatch will also star. A post that then increased pressure on the club to admit women. In 2021, the Commons received support from Cherie Blair, a prominent barrister and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, to review the Establishment Clause. In particular, the latter said that in 1976 she was denied entry, remaining outside while her future husband was allowed to enter.

In a vote held last May, members finally voted to open up to women. Judi Dench, who first shone on the stage and became famous around the world with the role of “M” james bond is the most successful English actress with two “Oscars”, two “Golden Globes”, ten “Baftas” and many theater awards. Sian Phillips, a Welsh actress, is best known for her theater roles and her presence in film. Sand dune By David Lynch in 1984.

Following these appointments, the Garrick club is soon to introduce other women to its grounds, including former Home Secretary Amber Ruddy and Channel 4 journalist Katie Newman. Membership, however, can last from 2 to 5 years.

Source: Le Figaro

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