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What do the colors of the new emotions in ‘Inside Out 2’ mean?

‘Inside Out 2’ will introduce audiences to four new emotions: Shame, Envy, Boredom and Anxiety. See the meaning of your colors!

Scheduled to premiere on June 20th, “Inside Out 2” is one of the most anticipated films of 2024. The new Disney and Pixar production will take audiences back into the mind of Riley, who is now 13 years old, and now will feature new emotions: Shame, Envy, Boredom and Anxiety. Remember the trailer!

Just like in the first feature, the new emotions are also represented by different colors, with Anxiety being orange, Envy cyan, Boredom purple, and Shame pink. But, what is the meaning behind the colors?

Colors meaning

Jason Deamerproduction designer responsible for “Inside Out 2”, revealed the information to Pixar, as reported by the ScreenRant portal. Furthermore, the professional explained a little more about the design chosen for each character.

In this ocasion, Deamer explained the following:

“Anxiety is orange with electrically shaped language — tense and shaky. You always see the whites of his eyes and his feathered hair betrays his constant movements.

Shame is pink like a blush with a soft, round shape to evoke your reticence and shyness. He’s a gentle giant and, unfortunately for him, he wants to hide, but it’s hard not to notice.

Boredom has the posture of a limp noodle. She is rarely interested enough to lift her own head.

Envy has a teal color and a smaller mushroom shape sprouting to juxtapose it with the rest of the cast. Naturally, she would like to be taller and less childish.”

New emotions from ‘Inside Out 2’ / Credit: Disclosure/Pixar

It is worth remembering that, as revealed by Kelsey Mann, director of the film, during a press conference, the new emotions were chosen because they were characteristic of Riley’s age in production. According to him, “we are programmed at this age to start becoming really self-aware. And in part we do this because when you are a child, your parents and caregivers take care of you. And eventually, you will have to take care of yourself. And this is why we are programmed to push away our parents and caregivers, so that we can become independent people who can take care of ourselves.”

“That’s why you [nessa idade] They care so much about what you all are thinking about each other. ‘How can I fit in? Do You like me?’. You know, it’s all about adapting to this age. And it’s part of our blueprint of who we are, because if you don’t like me, you’ll banish me and I’ll go to the forest and die alone. And that’s why we care so much about what others think of us at this age. And it just kind of turns on and never goes away. You kind of have to manage that, which is a big reason why I’m making this film. So that’s why we ended up going towards the emotions we have in the film now”, concludes the filmmaker.

Source: Recreio

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