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Priscilla Presley in a rare family photo surrounded by her 15-year-old granddaughters

The King’s ex-wife shared a rare family photo of (almost) Presley’s entire clan over the Easter weekend.

The Presley clan gathered this Monday, April 1st for Easter celebrations. In a family photo published on Priscilla Presley’s Instagram page, we can see the king’s ex-wife in a black suit and holding a bunch of red roses. He is surrounded by his granddaughters Harper and Finley Lockwood, Lisa-Marie Presley’s twins, as well as their father, guitarist Michael Lockwood, their uncle Navarone Garibaldi (born of Priscilla and Marco Garibaldi), or Elvis Presley. manager and longtime friend Jerry Schilling. With smiles on their faces, complete with flowers and chocolate bunnies, members of the reconstituted clan seem to surround Priscilla, appearing like a pillar in the center of the photo. The image of a united family after successive media storms fueled by a succession war.

Calm after the storm

“Easter with my very beautiful family,” Priscilla Presley captioned the rare photo, one year after Lisa-Marie Presley’s death on January 12, 2023. The latter’s twins, Harper and Finley, were born to him. Union with Michael Lockwood, at that time was only 14 years old. Nearly a year later, the two teenagers appear to be exploring their style, holding hands and smiling, one sporting a brunette hair color, the other blonde.

While absent from the family reunion, their older sister, actress Riley Keough, 34, still took a moment to “like” her grandmother’s post. Indeed, despite the succession war that pitted him against Priscilla Presley, the judgment published on August 4, 2023, appointing the deceased’s eldest daughter as the sole heir, seemed to put an end to this battle.

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A memory 70’s

On the eve of this family celebration, Priscilla Presley took the opportunity to share a touching photo of Lisa-Marie as a child on Easter Day, the dawn of the 1970s. “We celebrated Easter. Elvis and I hid the eggs. Lisa comes out with a basket in her hand, all excited, and goes to find them,” Priscilla remembers in the comments. We then see Lisa-Marie as a child, her face engulfed in a smile, her blonde head covered in pigtails. Behind him stands a young Priscilla with a voluminous mane. so 70s then still further back, a blur but recognizable among the thousands, Elvis Presley, sheltered by his iconic sunglasses. “Elvis had the heart of a child,” he concludes in the comments.

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Source: Le Figaro

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