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“Spirit Spa” – the best places to leave our bags in case of nervous exhaustion

Relaxation retreats, hypnosis massages, holistic healing… We can’t count the new rituals anymore
well-being guided by spirituality.

In the hit series broadcast on Amazon Prime in 2021. Nine perfect strangers Nicole Kidman runs a very exclusive wellness center, hosting nine wealthy people who decide to take control of their lives through a very “hypnotic” makeover. A topic that is very timely as the concept of spiritual awareness, mind-body reconnection, and wellness spirituality is emerging as a major topic in the health field worldwide.

The idea is to help us disconnect, fully enjoy the moment, and increase the positive effects of the treatment by inducing an altered state of consciousness. Really, who hasn’t “wasted” an hour of their massage addressing them? to do list of the day This true letting go is usually achieved through meditation, hypnosis, meditative breathing, or other holistic techniques that have made their way into many spas. A few examples that are out of the ordinary, completely safe. Whoever says spirituality also says vigilance.

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Clean up on full steam

In Belgium. when you pass through the gates of Vaer Waters near Brussels, time stands still. It all starts with a digital detox, because smartphones and tablets are prohibited in this 12,000 square meters dedicated to relaxation. In opening this temple of well-being, the Coppens family has made it their mission to allow its members “brief revivals.” In addition to countless saunas, hammams, baths, and outdoor and indoor relaxation rooms, the sites offer a program of activities and rituals for total physical and psychological immersion.

Your choice of sound meditation sessions (according to the Tibetan ritual), yoga classes (yin, vinyasa), relaxation classes in a salt cave (45 minutes of which is worth two days on the sea surface), but also more amazing. an experience inspired by a Finnish ritual and named Aufgus (infusion, German). In the sauna, which broadcasts transcendental music for 15 minutes, the “show manager” or “steam master” engages in amazing choreography using a towel soaked in birch and eucalyptus extract, playing with crushed ice and essential oils. We leave impressed, relieved and sometimes excited.

waerwaters.com from €150 per person per night.

in Paris : In XVe district, you can discover a similar ritual with a Slavic version in Banya Kupala. Belted at the waist, the steam master leads us into the sauna, where a steaming/massage session takes place using birch branches. Ballet that cleanses and tones the body back and forth. After you’re completely red, you’re allowed to take a cold shower and then plunge into the icy water. We recover with a rest phase on the grass or hammock, with homemade herbal teas and other thermal surprises. A complete change of scenery that cleanses physically, mentally and truly recharges.


At Sha Wellness Clinic, Mexico.
Press department

in Mexico A reference in wellness and longevity, Sha Wellness Clinic opens a new facility in a dreamy setting with panoramic views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. In addition to modern medical diagnosis, healthy eating, physical activity and cognitive stimulation, one can experience temazcal, a shamanic medicine practice practiced for millennia. In a “healing” nature, the ceremony takes place in a sweat lodge, symbolizing the mother’s womb, where plants and chants release toxins and emotions.


When we are relaxing in the city

Sometimes we don’t go to a hotel just to sleep, but rather to unpack our bags from nervous exhaustion. Two addresses in Paris.

Pigalle : If you don’t know Hoi Hotel yet, this place dedicated to well-being can become your new headquarters. It actually develops a new concept of hospitality: well-being and detachment in the heart of one of the capital’s most vibrant districts. Dozens of workshops dedicated to health and spirituality are on the menu. You can try hypno-relaxation and sound bathing to better manage anxiety, awakening and meditation using clay to allow the mind to travel, Wim Hof’s experiment to dare to take your first ice bath… Map of treatments and massages in collaboration with Ho Karan brand.


at the Brach Hotel : Conceived by Celine Bensch, the Haravel Method is a 4-hour urban retreat that combines physical, energetic, mental and emotional balance. It is based on three dimensions: the mind/body dimension; measure of time, past / present / future; the extent of male/female balance. It begins with the reactivation of the famous hara, our vital energy center, and the practice of specific movements inspired by the OEM Source Protocol (Ortho Energy Method, created by D.r: Christian Roche.) The latter is based on the energetic geography of the body and works by precise stimulation of points and areas of the skin. Celine Bensch promises immediate and lasting results in vitality, calmness and lightness. The 4 hour session can be scheduled in multiple appointments depending on availability.

4-hour city retreat 650 euros.
OEM Source Protocol Power Rebalancing Session (1 hour) : 200 euros. Each allows access to the pool, hammam, sauna and Brach Paris salt cave.

harawell.fr. Information and reservations: celine@harawell.fr Tel. 06 08 42 72 85.

Source: Le Figaro

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