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Ukraine has fallen in the ranking of steel producers

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Before the Russian invasion, Ukraine produced 1.3-1.5 million tons of steel per month, and now output has fallen five times.

According to the results of May, steel production in Ukraine has fallen six times compared to last year’s level. According to Worldsteel, Ukraine is ranked 34th in the ranking with 308,000 tons.

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The decline in steel production was recorded in most of the top ten countries, except India.

Top 10 steel producers in May: China (96.610 million tons, -3.5%), India (10.624 million tons, +17.3%), Japan (8.065 million tons, -4.2%), USA (7.178 million tons, -2.6% ), Russia (6.4 million tons, -1.4%), South Korea (5.797 million tons, -1.4%), Germany (3.242 million tons, -11.5%), Turkey (3.214 million tons, -1.4%), Brazil (2.972 million tons, -4.9%) and Iran (2.3 million tons, -17.6%).

Ukraine is in 34th position with 308 thousand tons of steel (83.4% less than in May 2021). In April this year, the country produced 281 thousand tons, in March – 200 thousand tons, in February – 1.374 million tons.

Overall, in May this year, steel production dropped by 3.5% compared to the same period last year – to 169.483 million tons.

According to the results of the five months of 2022, Ukraine is ranked 18th with production of 4.244 million tons of steel (-52.8%).

Last year, Ukraine produced 21.366 million tons of steel (+3.6%).

Steel production collapsed due to the Russian invasion. In the occupied territories there are a number of metallurgical enterprises that have been stopped or destroyed by shelling, especially the Mariupol plants of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and Azovstal.

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Source: korrespondent

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