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Alfonso Bustamante is the new president of Confiep: “We will work to remove obstacles that hinder development”

Confiep has a new owner after being managed by Oscar Kaipo | Fountain: Andean

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Alfonso Bustamante He was formally introduced as the new president of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep). At a ceremony held at the institution’s headquarters, he hailed the government’s progress in sanitizing the country and expressed his union’s support for closing the gap.

“Starting with Confiep, we will work purposefully with the public and private sectors to remove barriers to development and close gaps,” Bustamante said in his speech.

Alfonso Bustamante called “extremists” those who continue to protest against Government And this does not help the country at all.

“These groups do not propose solutions and are not interested in the citizen; However, today they manage the agenda of Peru, let’s put the citizen at the center of the agenda, the violence must stop, we regret all the deaths and it is the young people who are unfortunately being used as cannon fodder in these acts of vandalism,” he said .

On the other hand, he pointed out that in order to avoid a repetition of Odebrecht’s corruption in the country Confiep has signed an Integrity Pact and a Code of Conduct among its members., which will be strengthened during his reign. In addition, Bustamante emphasized that Peruvian companies of any size are the engine of the economy and contribute to social development.

“It is not true that a market economy is beneficial only to a few, as this is the thesis of those who want to destroy the system, since we applied the social market model, GDP grew 3.7 times, and tax collection grew 31 times, that is, today the state has resources “, – he said.

Dina Boluarte: “Peru will do well”

The President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, said that Peru will be able to overcome and emerge from the current socio-political crisis stronger in the context of social demonstrations against her government.

“I have the deepest conviction that Peru will overcome and emerge stronger from this situation,” he said during a presentation at the handover ceremony of the chairmanship of the new board of directors for 2023-2025 of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confidentiality).

In this context, he argued that in a democracy and the rule of law, his leadership “faces challenges” and “fulfills the legitimate demands of citizens.”

Source: RPP

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