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Ukraine and the world need victory, not a draw – Kuleba

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

If Russia is allowed to pause now, then Putin will create a frozen conflict in the heart of Europe – a giant time bomb, the foreign minister warned.

Instead of offering premature peace talks to a Russia that does not seek the peace process, the partners’ goal should be a victory in Ukraine that will bring a sustainable and just peace to Europe. This was announced on Saturday, November 19, by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in a video message to the participants of the anniversary congress of the Pan-European Union, held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the organization in Vienna, the Foreign Reports of ministry.

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“We want a victory, not a draw. If Russia is allowed to pause now, Putin will create a frozen conflict in the heart of Europe, a giant time bomb ready to explode every second. This is a strategic mistake for Europe which pursue such a goal. I warn Ukraine’s partners: do not propose to us compromises with conscience, territorial integrity or sovereignty. Because these will be your compromises with your own security,” said Kuleba.

According to him, no country in the world strives for peace like Ukraine, but “such wars must end with the victory of good over evil.” He urged the partners to work together to achieve the goals of Ukraine’s success.

“There is no need to fear and blackmail. Every time we Europeans remain firm, principled, united and strong, Putin always backs down. Any sign of weakness is seen by Russia as an invitation to more fear and brutality. So Support for Ukraine must continue and intensify, and no reductions from the pressure of sanctions on Russia are unacceptable,” the minister insisted.

Kuleba noted that now is the time for partners to set the goal of Ukraine’s victory and work to achieve it, instead of looking for premature peace agreements with Russia. After all, Moscow has not changed the tone of its ultimatum and is using statements about its alleged readiness for negotiations as a cover for continued aggression.

“True peace will be brought about by a Ukrainian victory. This goal is very achievable, as the Kharkiv and Kherson operations proved this fall. A Ukrainian victory will also be a victory for Europe and the West. It will renew of peace and security in our continent for several decades,” he said.

Kuleba emphasized that the support of international partners should continue.

“These include defense support, further isolation of Russia, financial support, emergency aid to restore our energy system damaged by Russian strikes. I remind you that helping Ukraine is not charity. In by helping us, European partners help themselves, contributing to the long-term security and stability of Europe,” concluded the Foreign Minister.

Recall that yesterday Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted the possibility of negotiations with the West in Ukraine. He suggested that Western politicians “lure” Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to the negotiating table. At the same time, Moscow is definitely against public negotiations with Kyiv.

In this regard, the spokesman for the national security of the White House, John Kirby, said that the United States will not talk with the Russians about the end of the war in Ukraine without the participation of Kyiv in this conversation.

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