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I hate Russia: a new trend in social networks

I hate Russia: a new trend in social networks

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Users from different countries admitted that they hated Russia long before it became a universally accepted sentiment. They often describe their feelings with historical images of the Russian invasion of their country.

A new flash mob is gaining momentum on the social network X. Users wrote that they hated Russia before it became mainstream.

Moreover, some tweets have already received millions of views and retweets.

In particular, representatives of countries with a difficult common past with Russia joined the flash mob.

So, one of the users wrote that he is Czech and that he “hated the Russian Federation before it was cool.” He accompanied his tweet with a photo of Russian tanks in Prague in 1968.

Another user posted a photo of a cemetery, apparently where victims of the Soviet-Finnish war are buried. “I’m Finnish and I hated Russia before it was cool,” he wrote.

Representatives of Germany and Latvia wrote similar messages, accompanied by photos of the Berlin Wall and footage of the USSR’s invasion of Latvia.

Representatives of other countries also joined the flash mob:

  • I’m Polish and you know what I mean

  • I’m Cuban. You can guess the rest

  • I’m Swedish. I have hated Russians since the late Middle Ages

We remind you that in 2021, even before the full invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, a statue of a naked Putin was placed in the bathroom at the Russian Embassy in Prague.

And in 2015, a statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin crucified appeared in the courtyard of the former KGB building in Riga (Latvia). The author of the installation wishes to remain anonymous.

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