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Does ‘Inside Out 2’ have a post-credits scene? Find it out!

Does ‘Inside Out 2’ have a post-credits scene?  Find it out!

The premiere of Inside Out 2 is getting closer and closer, so find out if there will be any extra scenes after the credits roll

The premiere of “Inside Out 2” has generated great expectations, especially because the film hits Brazilian cinemas tomorrow, June 20th. The new plot will follow the protagonist Riley in the dreaded pre-adolescence phase, where she will acquire new experiences and go through major emotional changes.


During a specific moment in the film, which also appears in the trailer, we see primordial emotions trapped in a container, called “repressed emotions”. Joy, Anger, Fear and Disgust are confined in a safe along with other characters, who have also been banished to the darkest parts of Riley’s mind.

Primordial emotions repressed in “Inside Out 2” /Credit: Reproduction/Disney/Pixar

These new characters help the primal emotions escape, but before that, one of them mentions that Riley has a deep, dark secret in his mind, and that it is also hidden in the safe.

Typically, Disney and Pixar films do not include post-credits scenes. However, in “Inside Out 2” we see a break in this pattern, presenting an extra scene that reveals this deep secret that the protagonist hides.

In the scene, we see Alegria returning to the safe to convince the character to tell her the secret. While it seems like the intention of this revelation is to change the course of the story, given the character’s dark appearance, it only reveals an incident in which Riley burned and burned a hole in a carpet at home. The purpose of this moment is just to bring more of the comic relief that we see in the plot, like the scene where Riley’s parents’ emotions appear, repeating what had already happened in the first film, now with a different situation.

However, nothing in “Inside Out” is by chance, so the moment also highlights what could become another of the reasons that would shape RIley’s maturation journey.

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