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The EU condemned Putin’s interview with Carlson

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A spokesman for the EU’s External Diplomatic Service said Putin had “again shown that he is not interested in real and meaningful steps towards peace.”

The EU regrets that the interview recorded by American Tucker Carlson with the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin gave the head of the aggressor state “a platform for lies, manipulation and the dissemination of propaganda.” This was said in Brussels by the representative of the EU External Diplomatic Service Nabila Massrali, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“We saw nothing new in Putin’s interview – he repeated old lies, distortions and manipulations and showed great hostility towards the West, which is also not new. We regret that Putin has essentially been given a platform for manipulation and spreading propaganda ,” he says.

According to Massrali, in this interview Putin “reinforced his well-known lies about Ukraine.”

“This is a dangerous lie because he used it as a so-called justification for Russia’s illegal and unprovoked aggressive war against Ukraine, against a peaceful neighbor. This lie has directly caused enormous suffering, crimes to the war and atrocities committed against the Ukrainian people by Russia,” – explained a representative of the EU External Diplomatic Service.

He said that Putin has once again “shown that he is not interested in real and meaningful steps towards peace.”

Putin said Russia will fight for its interests to the end. If Putin truly wants to fight for the interests of his country and the Russian people, he must begin immediately and unconditionally withdrawing his forces and military equipment from all Ukrainian territories within its internationally recognized borders. He must take care of the enormous problems that Russian society really faces every day,” Massrali said.

We remind you that today, February 9, an interview between the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the American propagandist Tucker Carlson was published online. Putin said the Poles allegedly incited Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler to attack. He also noted that “Poland had become poor and Hitler had no other choice.”

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski responded to Putin’s statement. He called him a dictator and paranoid.

The Kremlin commented on Putin’s interview with Carlson, saying it will be “read and analyzed for more than a day.”

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