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Flooding in the Kherson region: coffins floated on the street

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The water level in Kherson and the region is gradually decreasing. However, the situation remains difficult in occupied Nova Kakhovka.

The water level in the Kherson region continues to decrease, and as of Friday evening, June 9, is 5 meters. This was announced by the head of the Kherson police department, Alexander Prokudin.

He noted that 35 settlements were flooded in the region, this is more than 3,000 houses.

“However, the water is falling. If in the morning the average water level reaches 5 meters 38 centimeters, then at night it drops to 5 meters. In Kherson, the water drops to a level of 5 meters 8 centimeters, which is 60 centimeters. below the highest level,” he said.

Also, water is receding in Kakhovka district. In the liberated Kazatsky, Vesely and the occupied Nova Kakhovka, the water level dropped by one and a half meters.

According to Prokudin, cemeteries in many communities were washed away as a result of the flood.

The mayor of the occupied Nova Kakhovka, Vladimir Kovalenko, also told Radio Liberty that the water is gradually receding, it has now remained in the park area, in the lower part of the city, which was flooded in the first hours and where there are biggest wave – up to six meters. This part is still flooded, but there is no housing stock.

According to him, the situation is “much harder and worse” in the village of Korsunka, which is part of Nova Kakhovka.

“It’s lower. I just talked to a resident of Korsunka: no one told the residents that there was flooding. Absolutely no evacuation was organized, and the water level in this village is exactly three meters. Today , some of the houses that were flooded formed, they were adobe “The gymnasium, the monastery, the library, the club were flooded, the cemetery was washed away. I don’t want to believe it, but this woman said: I saw the dead and coffins floating around the city,” said the mayor of Novaya Kakhovka.

According to him, most of the people left Korsunka on their own, local residents organized themselves and took them to boats.

At the same time, as Kovalenko said, representatives of the labor administration asked people if they had Russian passports and offered to “go to Chelyabinsk.”

Currently, according to the mayor, the water in Korsunka is gradually receding: “80 centimeters have already disappeared in those three meters.”

Earlier, Kherson OVA reported that the water in Kherson is suitable for consumption. It comes from artesian wells that have nothing to do with the Dnieper water.

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