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Zelensky: We are preparing the approach of our victory

Photo: Office of the President

Today, March 30, is the four hundredth day of the heroic resistance of Ukrainians to the armed aggression of Russia.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky today, on March 30, in an evening video message to his compatriots briefly summarized the results of 400 days of Ukraine’s resistance to the military invasion of the Russian Federation.

“Four hundred days … Four hundred days of our defense against total aggression. This is a huge path that we have traveled. Together – each and every one who fought and is fighting for Ukraine. Who cares and cares to the state and Ukrainians. Who helped and is helping our logistics. Who strengthened and strengthened Ukrainian resilience. Ukraine went through the worst days of February. They also survived this winter. There is a huge effort behind these words, Zelensky said.

The President mentioned the main milestones in the fight against the aggressor.

“We passed the spring last year, which changed the course of this war in favor of our defense. Last summer and autumn, we proved that the spring liberation of our northern region was not an accident. The battle for Kiev , Chernigov, for the Sumy region … The return of the regions of our Kharkov region, the return of Kherson , the defense of Bakhmut and Donbass are the heroism of Ukrainians, which the world will not forget. We are preparing the next step, our active actions. We are preparing the approach of our victory. We will do everything so that the day comes when I can thank you, dear Ukrainians, for our victory with you! Glory to Ukrainian heroes! Glory to Ukraine!” end of the president.

Recall that Zelensky urged the West to speed up the supply of weapons.

Evil must disappear in war – Zelensky

Source: korrespondent

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