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Schools in the Russian Federation are obliged to purchase models of weapons – media

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Protective suits, shooting simulators, model grenades and machine guns are required for survival lessons.

Russian schools are obliged to purchase weapon models and other equipment for OBZH lessons (the basics of survival). In particular, the educational institutions of the Central District of St. Petersburg received instructions, Novaya Gazeta reported on February 13.

It was noted that the prosecutor’s office did not find the arsenal necessary for equipping life safety rooms in several schools at once.

Among the missing items: a gun safe, a mini-express laboratory for radiation-chemical reconnaissance, a dosimeter; an oxygen and toxic gas analyzer, a protective suit, wound and injury simulators for a dummy simulator, models of F-1 and RGD-5 grenades, a shooting simulator, a model of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a magazine for on a Kalashnikov assault rifle with training cartridges and a model of the simplest shelter in the section.

About 23 million rubles will be spent on obtaining the above.

As explained in the prosecutor’s office, these things must be in each school’s life safety class in accordance with the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation No. 804, issued in September 2022.

The city’s education committee confirmed that models of grenades and machine guns are needed, because in the near future the subject “preliminary military training” will be introduced into the curriculum of the 10-11th grade.

It was previously reported that the Russian Federation approved a school curriculum with a course on the war in Ukraine, as well as training in shooting from a Kalashnikov assault rifle and throwing a grenade.

Russia is preparing a “correct” history textbook with information about the war in Ukraine

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