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Protests in Lima: police and demonstrators clash on the streets of the historic center

Demonstrators attack police with sticks and stones in central Lima | Font: PTR

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Demonstrators demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and National Police They once again staged violent clashes in all the streets of the center of Lima. For the sixth day in a row, the capital has been living with constant demonstrations against the government.

The violence began around 4:30 pm when a group of protesters tried to get to the Congress through a patch of Lamp. The police used tear gas to clear the road, but this caused people to start attacking with rocks and bottles. The RPP was able to verify damage to the public decoration.

Groups from various southern regions participated in this mobilization. In addition, they joined university students who marched to protest the police intervention that took place in Saint Mark last Saturday, while another group of protesters They focused on the Plaza dos de Mayo.

To National Police It took him several hours to regain control of the streets of Lima, as there were protesters on the avenues around the parliament as well as in the Grau oval. The troops also detained several people who were transferred to the San Andrés and Cotabambas police stations.

Tuesday’s protests have left some hurt, but there is still no official number for this new day of protests. While the demonstrators are regrouping at the Plaza 2 de Mayo, but in smaller numbers than in the afternoon.

Protests in Lima: police and demonstrators clash on the streets of the historic center
The police managed to regain control over the center of Lima | Font: PTR | Photographer: Andrea Amesquita

Protests in San Isidro

This morning, a group of protesters held a sit-in at the San Isidro business center as part of the protests that began in December following Pedro Castillo’s failed coup d’état.

Protesters, mostly from Puno and Cusco, approached the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep) to protest against the union of entrepreneurs, as well as against the government Dina Boluarte.

An RPP Noticias group arrived on the scene and confirmed that the demonstrators were carrying banners and slogans against the government and against Confiep. Among their demands is the promotion of elections and the resignation of the incumbent head of state.

The demonstration at this location took place peacefully in the area, and then the protesters marched along Arequipa Avenue into the center of Lima.

Source: RPP

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