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Victor Garcia Toma refuses to run for ombudsman’s office

Victor Garcia Toma refused to participate in the election of a new Ombudsman | Font: Andean

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constitutionalist Victor Garcia accepts issued a statement in which he refused to participate as a candidate for deputies. Ombudsmanthe day before Congress will evaluate in plenary session this issue, which remained unresolved after no consensus was reached last Thursday, October 6th.

“(…) in response to the possibility of reopening the process of making proposals for the election of the Ombudsman before the plenary session of Congress (…) I express my decision to reject any proposal on this issue,” he wrote in a statement.

In a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Williams Zapata, also a former President of the Constitutional Court, noted that in the face of the political situation that is plaguing the country, “I can be more helpful by freely expressing my opinion.” And this without having to end up “compromising the institutional line of the constituent body”.

“This resignation does not weaken my obligation to thank the various benches and congressmen in particular for their signs of confidence and sympathy. I take the opportunity to renew considerations of my personal respect,” the last paragraphs of the signed statement read. Garcia Thomas.

From my side, Congress convened a plenary meeting at which it will meet 3 times this week: they will start this Wednesday, October 19, with the elections Ombudsman.

Victor Garcia accepts
The constitutionalist refused to participate as a candidate for ombudsmen | Font: Congress

there was no consensus

Last Thursday, October 6th, Plenary session of the Congress he failed to elect a new ombudsman because he did not get two-thirds of the legal number of congressmen (minimum 87 votes). That is, none of the candidates proposed by the special commission -Carlos Castro Barriga, Jorge Rioja Vallejos and Beatriz Ramirez Waroto- the minimum number of votes has been reached.

This meeting took place despite the Aug. 8 judiciary ordering Congress to suspend the election pending the end of the amparo lawsuit filed by the facility workers union.

During the voting, candidate Carlos Castro received 30 votes in favor, 40 against and 41 abstentions. They then voted for candidate Jorge Rioja, who received 39 votes in favour, 27 against and 47 abstentions.

Beatriz Ramirez, who did not attend the Plenum because he believed that the elections did not meet the requirements Power of attorneyreceived 5 votes in favour, 49 against and 52 abstentions.

As a result Commission for the Election of the Ombudsman he had 10 working days to formulate new consecutive proposals and once again vote in Parliament, as established by the Organic Law on the Office of the Ombudsman.


– “DNA interview”: former prosecutor Ugaz: The judiciary will reject the president’s appeal against the constitutional complaint filed by the prosecutor general.

José Ugas said that the Constitutional Court would be the last resort in the case against the President due to the impasse in Parliament.

Source: RPP

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