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Subcommittee on constitutional charges established and work plan approved

A subcommittee on constitutional charges was set up. | Font: Photo: Congress / Video: RPP Noticias

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Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges Meetings for the period 2022-2023 began with the unanimous approval (24 votes) of its work plan and, for reasons of procedural economy, reported eleven constitutional complaints.

At the suggestion of a steering committee led by Congressman Lady Camones (Appendix), Subcommittee It also approved unanimously (24 votes) that its regular sessions would be held on Fridays at 11 am and extraordinary sessions as needed.

The first two implemented constitutional complaints (DC 284 and DC 286) are directed against the congressman. Freddy Diaz for the alleged constitutional violation of Articles 38 and 39 of the Constitution and for the likely commission of the crimes of rape and rape of unconscious persons

  • The first was presented by Patricia Chirinos Venegas, and the second by Edward Malaga Trillo, Flor Pablo Medina, Kira Alcarras Aguero, Adriana Josefina Tudela Gutiérrez, Sucel Ana Maria Paredes Pique and Ruth Luque Ibarra.
  • The third is DC 300 filed by Patricia Chirinos Venegas against Congressmen Raúl Doroteo Carbajo, Juan Mori Celis, Jorge Flores Ancaci, Darwin Espinoza Vargas, Ilyich López Ureña and Elvis Vergara Mendoza, for allegedly committing the crimes of aggravated conspiracy, bribery and wrongful liability. , criminal organization and influence peddling.
  • DC 245, formulated by former Attorney of the Nation Zoraida Avalos Rivera against former Chief Justice Cesar Inostrosa Pariacha, for alleged offenses of specific active bribery, unlawful interest sponsorship, and influence peddling.
  • DC 111 (formerly 464) filed by Citizen José Pimentel Allaga against former Congressman Ivan Quispe Apaza for allegedly committing a crime against personal liberty in a coercive modality.
  • DC 112 (previously 465) filed against members of the National Electoral Commission: Jorge Salas Arenas and Victor Rodríguez Montes, for alleged violation of article 139 of the Constitution (para. 19), under articles 46, 178 (para. 4) and 179 of the Political Constitution of Peru .
  • DC 271 formulated by former Attorney of the Nation Pablo Sánchez Velarde against former Congressman Orestes Sánchez Luis for allegedly committing a crime against public administration in a concussion modality.
  • DC 005, filed against the President of the Republic, José Castillo Terrones, on charges of crimes related to prohibited funding of political organizations, falsifying information about contributions, income and expenses of political organizations, sources of funding prohibited by law, and a criminal organization. .
  • DC 012 (ex 303), worded against Chief Justices Jorge Salas Arenas, José Neira Flores, and Luisa Chavez Mella for alleged offenses of usurpation of office, evasion of office, and abuse of power.
  • DC 029 (ex 332), worded against Chief Justices Ana Aranda Rodriguez, former head of the Office of Judiciary Control -OCMA-, and Duberly Rodriguez Tineo, former President of the Executive Council of the Judiciary, for allegedly committing the crime of evasion and abuse of power.
  • DC 032 (previously 336), filed against the Chief Justices of the Permanent Civil Chamber, Francisco Tavar Córdoba, Martín Hurtado Reyes, Evangeline Huamani Llamas, Mariano Salazar Lizarraga, and Carlos Calderón Puertas for alleged offenses of evasion and abuse of power.

Situational state of the subcommittee

One of the items on the agenda Lady Camones The chair of the working group presented the situation report of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations for the period of the annual session 2022-2023. Thus, as of September 15, she clarified that there are 300 constitutional complaints.

There are 60 constitutional complaints on the agenda of the Standing Committee; Likewise, in the same Permanence, there are three constitutional complaints seeking an extension of time.

40 constitutional complaints filed or closed; 178 constitutional complaints are to be initiated, reviewed and qualified, and 12 constitutional complaints are awaiting transfer. There are three on the subcommittee for the hearing and three to support the final report.

It follows, Camones warned, that 196 constitutional complaints are in the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges in different states, so this parliamentary group is considering them.

On the other hand, he said, 220 constitutional complaints are new for the current parliamentary period; 80 old and with new numbers because they were not seen in the 2016-2021 parliamentary period.

In origin, according to the petitioner, 179 constitutional complaints are citizen complaints, 76 complaints from former and current congressmen, and 45 complaints from the Attorney General.

“As we can see, there is a high level of constitutional complaints from citizens that have not yet been considered and which we intend to process to the best of our ability and using chronological criteria for their attention,” he said.


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