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When the brain tries to trick you, learn to notice your cognitive biases

When two people laugh together in a bar, you feel that they are laughing at you; if your boss comes to the office looking bad, do you think he’s mad at you? Maybe you’re right… Or maybe you’re a victim of “cognitive bias,” this mental distortion in information processing that distorts your judgment of yourself or others, but also your understanding of the world around you. Can we (but should we) fight this bias?

“To date, 250 cognitive biases have been identified, and more are likely to be identified in the future.” assures psychosociologist Gilles Azzopardi, who explores this topic in his latest book Behind the scenes of your brain (Eyrolles, 2022). “We’ve known since Freud that ‘the ego does not own its own house,’ but the latest discoveries in neuroscience are driving home;

Source: Le Figaro

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