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“16 tolls across the country have been suspended due to the climate emergency,” says the vice minister of transport.

Vice Minister of Transport indicates that there are 135 active traffic accidents in the country | Fountain: Andean

Vice Minister of Transport, Alberto Necco, indicated that due to heavy rain caused by Cyclone Yaku, a total of 16 tolls were suspended across the country “while the emergency continues.”

“We have tolls on concession and non-concession roads. At first, they are managed by a private company with a contract with certain rules. In this case, what was done as soon as the emergency situation arose was to notify the concession companies of the emergency zone of the suspension of tolls,” he explained in Air Rotary.

In this sense, there were a total of 8 private companies that accepted the request Ministry of Transport (MTS) suspend toll collection in affected areas.

“8 tolls have been suspended. There were companies that reacted quickly, others did not have such a reaction. We continue to work with them, urging them to suspend tolls,” he said.

to those 8 charges concessed to private companies, there are 8 more that correspond to the “non-concession road network”. At the same time, according to Cecco, in total 16 tolls suspended due to the climate emergency.

“In the case of a non-concession national road network, this will be maintained for as long as necessary. In the case of concessions, in some cases, 10 days are provided, which can be extended depending on the emergency, and in other cases it will be subject to patency,” he said.

Emergency vehicles

On the other side, Necco Tello He indicated that the sector is “focused” on the restoration work of the national road network to facilitate the transportation of users, food, medicine and other daily activities.

“Our absolute priority is the protection of human life. We are committed to restoring traffic conditions to ensure the smoothness of the national road network. We are concentrated from Tumbes to Ika, all over the coastal region and at some points in the mountainous region,” he said. . . .

“Have 272 cars at the national level and 27 environmental contracts through which we constantly intervene (…) We have focused our efforts precisely in those areas where there is the greatest need,” he added.

However, he stressed that this amount of equipment is not enough.

“We need more technology and MTC has already made it clear that it is not going to skimp on resources to be able to attend. We are in the process of increasing the attraction of technology,” he explained.

In addition, the official stressed the support of a private company to strengthen the material and technical resources of the state.

“We have also agreed with private companies. In the case of, for example, the Lacramarca area, National Fisheries Society provided important support; also in the case of the Pativilca highway. antamine He gave us great support. In protecting Trujillo airport, given the possibility of flooding, Pacasmayo it was very important. And that’s why other companies like ferreiros they added to extend the help,” it said.

Source: RPP

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