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Young man is expelled from university after posting makeup tutorial videos

Young man is expelled from university after posting makeup tutorial videos

The student was expelled from a university in Russia accused of promoting the LGBTQIAP+ community

max was expelled from Kuban State University, a Russian university, after posting makeup tutorial videos. The architecture student was accused of promoting “LGBTQIAP+ propaganda” with his videos. In addition to dropping out of school, the young man also fled the country to protect himself from the delicate situation.

Earlier this year, Max was studying architecture at a Russian university. Now, he has dropped out of school and fled the country after being accused of promoting so-called “LGBTQ+ propaganda” after sharing his love of makeup online.

To PinkNews, Max said that he is terrified of the situation and confessed that he found it dangerous for him to be in Russia, since the country has a series of rules against queer people and the authorities are looking for him.

The student studied architecture and urban planning for three years and had his studies interrupted after publishing a series of videos showing his passion for makeup on Instagram and YouTube.

Max was expelled from university after someone reported him to the police for allegedly promoting the LGBTQIAP+ community.

On June 16, upon returning home, the young man was confronted by police and taken to the police station to talk about its contents.

“It’s nothing unusual. Just concealer, a little BB cream, the brows are a little done, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just normal everyday makeup”, he said.

He continued: “I was told that I was promoting ‘underage sex reassignment’ because some of the makeup I did in my video tutorials was artistic, a bit over the top. Some of them were also seen as me impersonating drag because I wore wigs and things like that”.

“Basically, they explained that I was promoting the sex change because, ‘Well, he’s a man and he’s dressed as a woman and that’s banned in Russia and putting that on the internet means you’re promoting it among minors,'” continued.

Max completed: “There were some basic questions, but others were a bit provocative, about sex or kissing men and whatnot.”

“I didn’t respond directly, like, ‘Yes, I have sex with men,’ or ‘I kiss men,’ but I basically tried to respond. I just joked, which wouldn’t make it clear, and [disse]: ‘If you know, you know’. This kind of thing”he spoke.

At the police station, the student was verbally abused with homophobic insults and “emotional torture”.

After being released, Max was asked by university officials about his arrest and that an article claimed that he promoted homosexuality.

“I understood that something was going on and they probably wanted me to be suspended from the university. But, in fact, I was a very good student. I did everything well”, he said.

Max continued: “Usually at the beginning you get some warnings, and I never got a warning. I thought this was probably going to be a warning. So I basically tried to write [uma declaração] that they wanted me to write, as neutral as possible, so that I wouldn’t get into trouble and could continue my studies.”

Days later, the university library called him asking him to return the books he had borrowed since he was expelled.

Max came to the attention of the media in the country and felt he was threatened. He confessed to fearing that the police would arrest him for being gay.

“There was a possibility that someone would report me to the police again and if that happened again it would be a crime.”he said.

The student continued: “In Russia, at first it’s like a small complaint: it’s called administrative, which is not a big deal. But if you do the same thing a few times, you can go to jail. It won’t be a fine… It’s a lot. dangerous for me now. Being in Russia in general and the fact that the cops are looking for me is very scary.”

Max said he has had his hand broken by a person for being a gay man and has suffered insults in the street.

“To me, it’s like air. I’ve gotten so used to it, I don’t think I would have known there was another way to live.”finished.

Source: Maxima

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