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Holidays June 3, 2023: what holiday, what is forbidden to do

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World Bicycle Day and Parachute Birthday are the most interesting events on June 3 at Athletistic.

June 3 is the 154th day of the year (155th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 211 days left before the end of the year.

What holidays in Ukraine and the world

  • International Bicycle Day.
  • parachute birthday
  • World Day of People with Foot Deformity.


What events took place in Ukraine and in the world

  • 1527 – at seven o’clock in the evening the Great Fire of Lviv begins, destroying all the Gothic buildings of the city;

  • 1638 – the Battle of Zhovnin begins – the decisive battle of the rebels led by Dmitry Gunya against the royal army of the Commonwealth during the Austrian uprising;

  • 1768 – Haidamak detachments of Maxim Zheleznyak and Ivan Gonta captured the city of Uman;

  • 1892 – English football club founded Liverpool;

  • 2006 – Montenegro declared independence;

  • 2017 – the social network of Ukrainians began to work.


Who was born on June 3

  • 1545 – Ivan Vishensky, Ukrainian polemical writer.

  • 1814 – Fedor Kholodny, Ukrainian musician, bandura player, kobzar.

  • 1863 – Evgeny Petrushevich, Ukrainian public and political figure.

  • 1876 ​​- Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko, an outstanding surgeon of Ukrainian origin.

  • 1927 – Valery Polevoy, Ukrainian composer.

  • 1927 – Gennady Polevoy, Ukrainian graphic artist.

  • 1928 – Konstantin Stepankov, Ukrainian theater and film actor.

  • 1974 – Sergei Rebrov, Ukrainian football player.


What are the birthdays tomorrow? Agapit, Elena, Karl, Kirill, Konstantin, Mikhail, Fedor, Yaroslav.

What not to do on this day

  • You can’t do complicated hairstyles or braid hair.
  • Do not eat meat dishes.
  • Refuse help.
  • No fighting, cursing, cursing.
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