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Meet the signs that have the greatest ability to lie

Astrologer explains how the characteristics of the signs help the natives to lie easily

The position of the stars in the zodiac is responsible for governing aspects of a person’s personality. That’s because each sign carries unique characteristics and has a ruling planet, which makes people born under that regency have similar personalities.

An example of this is the way each sign lies. There are those who invent silly lies to deviate from issues and avoid upsetting someone; as well as those who tell bigger lies and make up stories, leading people to different decisions than they would have had they known the truth.

Next, astrologer and writer Lilian Haddad explains which signs are better at lying. Look!

Gemini and Virgo

Mercury is the planet of communication, mind and reasoning. Make the signs ruled by him, Twins and Virgo, carry the energy of exchanges, contact with people, studies, analysis, communication and sales. Therefore, they are two signs that have lip service.

In this way, natives who have these signs on a Sun or rising have the mental ability to observe facts and create stories. In addition, they argue and reason based on human behavior, and may find it easier to lie, as they make the stories believable.

Taurus and Libra

Venus is the Planet that represents beauty, art, love and money. Taurus and Libra, the signs governed by him, bring the archetype of beauty, vanity, love, lust, money and achievements. Thus, they are two signs that, when they are faced with something that puts their vanitywill lie so that their image is never “tarnished”.

Both Taurus and Libra in Sun and rising bring to the individual the need for pleasures and can make the person develop excessive expenses. In this scenario, in order to get what they want without guilt, these natives may lie for the sake of their personal fulfillment.

Pisces have the power of storytelling (Image: Vadim Sadovski | Shutterstock)


Neptune is a planet made of gas. It represents everything that is invisible to the eyes, whether good or bad, such as viruses, contamination, force of nature, intuition and energy. Therefore, he is the ruling planet of Pisces, a sign that brings the mutable nature.

Pisceans tend to be dreamy people, with a lot of imagination, who are always looking for something that is more distant. They have the power to tell stories in a playful yet highly convincing way. Soon, they can end up lying and manipulating people, as their magical gifts end up intoxicating listeners.

However, it is worth noting that such characteristics do not make these signs liars, but offer their natives the ability to lie more easily and truthfully.

Source: Maxima

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