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NASA is creating Moon to Mars, an office that will help astronauts get to Mars from the Moon.

The Lunar to Mars Program Office will train astronauts returning to the Moon for their journey to Mars. | Fountain: Chandra X-ray Observatory Center

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POT created a new office called “Moon to Mars” manage the agency’s manned activities in Moon And Mars and its surroundings. “The Moon-Mars Program Office will help prepare NASA for our ambitious missions to the Moon and landing the first humans on Mars.”said Bill Nelsonagency administrator, in a statement Thursday, March 30.

“The golden age of research is happening right now, and this new office will help ensure that POT successfully establish a long-term presence on the Moon, necessary to prepare for humanity’s next big leap into space. Red Planet”added Nelson. New office needed Authorization right NASA in 2022, will become part of the agency’s Research Systems Development Mission Directorate and will report to Jim Freehead of this organization.

Return to the Moon and Arrival to Mars

POT working to establish a permanent and sustainable presence in Moon and his environment through his program Artemis. The first mission of the program has already been completed, Artemis 1which consisted in sending a capsule Orion unmanned into lunar orbit and returned late last year. Thanks to this launch, the flight capabilities of the ship and its rocket, new and gigantic Space launch system.

POT currently preparing for Artemis 2, which will send four astronauts into orbit around the moon by the end of 2024 if all goes according to plan. The Artemis 2 crew will consist of three NASA astronauts and one Canadian astronaut. The identities of these figures will be revealed during a live broadcast on Monday, April 3rd. From my side, Artemis 3 It is scheduled for 2025 and will land near the south pole of the Earth satellite. Earth, a region rich in ice. The agency intends to build a base in the area within the next decade.

Architecture Artemis also includes Gatewaya small space station in lunar orbit that will serve as the starting point for missions to the surface of a celestial body, both manned and unmanned.

The future of space exploration

These ambitious plans will serve to create something even bigger if everything goes according to plan. as noted Nelson, POT review the program Artemis like a trampoline Mars. The space agency believes that the skills and knowledge gained from the lunar program will help bring astronauts to Earth. Red Planet late 2030s or early 2040s.

“The new program office is dedicated to hardware development, mission integration, and program risk management functions critical to the agency’s research approach using Artemis missions to the Moon to usher in a new era of scientific discovery and prepare human missions for Mars”indicated the relevant authorities POT in his statement.

In addition, they added that the new office will also lead the planning and analysis of long-term developments to support human missions in Marsincluding “Rocket Space launch systemSpaceship Orionground support systems, human landing systems, space suits, Gateway and much more related to deep space exploration”. Office of the From the Moon to Mars Program will lead my t kshatriyasformerly Acting Deputy Administrator POT for the development of common intelligence systems.

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