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Know the origin of the runes and find out which stone represents your sign

The word “rune” means mystery and secret. It is an oracle reading system used to help understand situations and answer questions. Runes can be made from a variety of materials, but are usually made from stone or wood and have a rune alphabet symbol over the pieces.

There are several types of runic alphabets, one of them is the ancient Germanic alphabet, known as Elder Futhark. Runes originate from these letters which were used for magical purposes, writing and divination by the Germanic and Norse tribes of Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Great Britain.

How do runes work?

The rune game is not about guessing. Kelida Marques, holistic therapist and psychoanalyst, explains that the idea is that the person asks a question or thinks about a specific topic. And when the runes are played, she picks up the pieces that will give her the answer she needs. This choice is not random, but guided by the subconscious in relation to the question being considered.

What questions can be asked for the runes?

According to Kélida Marques, some people believe they can ask more direct questions, others believe that the question should be about a specific topic. “Whatever the method, it’s important that you stay focused on the question while the runes are being played,” she advises.

What are the types of runes?

Runes can be made from wood, stone, crystal, bone or even metal. “In the beginning, a simple set will suffice. As you practice and develop a passion for runes, you will be able to choose or even build your own game”, highlights the therapist.

There are specific days to consult matters in the runes (Image: Nakaya | Shutterstock)

Specific days for inquiries

  • Monday: consultations about fertility, couples and business;
  • Tuesday: it is ideal to see if the proposed objectives are being achieved;
  • Wednesday: issues related to communication and art;
  • Thursday: ideal for health consultations;
  • Friday: it is the day of love;
  • Saturday: preference to individual consultations;
  • Sunday: broad readings of all kinds.

meaning of runes

Rune Fehu: symbolizes prosperity and luck in business. If it appears in a print run, it means you have the necessary security to attract what you need. It’s a good time to start businesses and help other people.

Rune Jera: symbolizes the reward for hard work and indicates that it is a propitious time to start projects.

Rune Wunjo: represent the internal renewal, fruit of its evolution. This progress will manifest itself in an improvement in your work.

Rune Mannaz: symbolizes successful decision making. Thanks to your creativity and your power of conviction, you will be able to correct mistakes.

Runa Naudhiz, Nauthiz or Naudiz: nobody and nothing is perfect. Recognizing failures is the first step to change.

Rune Kano, Ken, Kanaz, Kaunaz: represents progress along an obstacle-free path, thanks to its intuition. You will be accompanied by the necessary security to face new emotional challenges.

Rune Hagalaz: change is fundamental to your evolution. Do not resist in this moment of crisis and recognize the situation as an opportunity to move forward. If you succeed, you will become a new being. Embrace the changes and value your current resources.

Berkana Rune: you will enjoy great stability to help and protect your friends and your partner. Indicates a great ability to generate and distribute love.

Rune Tyr, Teiwaz or Tiwaz: it’s time to act and express yourself firmly to achieve what you set out to do.

Rune Gebo: teamwork will be very beneficial for you. Good time to open up to love and relationships.

Rune Raidho: don’t get overwhelmed by travel perspective and address changes. If you feel the need to step back to think, that’s okay. Once you get over your initial rejection, everything will be fine.

Rune Thurizaz: indicates a new beginning. Open up fully accepting the changes and release the old ideas. That way, you will fully enjoy your new phase.

Rune Ehwaz, Eh o Eoh: you don’t always have the strength to move forward in what you set out to do. Take advantage of this impulse and act with nobility and respect.

Rune Ansuz: trust your creativity, signals and timing. They will bring you great benefits, as will advice from family and friends.

Rune Perdhro: luck, prosperity and inner transformation are very positive aspects that this rune reveals.

Rune Dagaz: if you are able to integrate the opposites that are in you, you will have an important renewal and evolution and will reach greater freedom and maturity. This personal, professional and relationship balance requires perseverance. Don’t lose focus!

Rune Eihwaz: at that moment, you have the necessary strength and stability to act. It’s an excellent time to get what you want to do. You are in a good place.

Rune Algiz: although you have great protection, do not blindly trust others. Risk of surrendering to those who shouldn’t and suffering emotional and professional setbacks.

Rune Othila, Othala, Odal: if you want to move forward, you have to act differently. Open yourself to creativity, and what you need to achieve happiness will manifest.

Rune Sigel, Sowelo, Sowilu: with the lightning force of your unwavering will, you will be able to manifest unimaginable things.

Rune Laguz: indicates that you are a satisfied person who knows how to connect with yourself and inner resources. It is very important for you to find moments in solitude with nature.

Rune Inguz: the perfection of this rune shows that you have the necessary resources to develop, expose and launch new projects. Your ability to relate will help you achieve your goals.

Rune Uruz: having creativity and an intense sex life is nothing wrong. However, excess can cause a decrease in energy and mental dispersion.

Odin Rune: everything that begins has an end and everything that ends has a beginning. This rune teaches you to accept what is inevitable in life.

Wooden runestones scattered on a table
Viking runes date back to the Bronze Age (Image: Borys Vasylenko | Shutterstock)

the viking runes

They constitute one of the oldest known forms of the Scandinavian alphabet. Its origin dates back to the Bronze Age. Nordic peoples used these magic symbols to work powerful energies of prediction, healing and protection. They were consulted by magicians, priests, sages, kings, princes and chiefs of tribes to make decisions.

The stones were also used in monuments, talismans, magic formulas and spells of homage and gratitude for the guidance received. After centuries of prohibition and persecution, today this knowledge comes to us with all its ancient magic and ancient wisdom to guide us.

The stone of each sign

Aries: Rune GEBO

It is the rune of giving and receiving, of reciprocity. Asking is not an act of weakness. It is an act of reciprocity. Gebo Runa favors new friendships, encounters, gatherings and new groups.

Bull: rune ing

This rune is a bearer of seeds, fertile energy and symbolizes the cocoon from which life emerges. Evidences the enhanced energy fertilizing of the masculine and active.

Twins: rune LAGUZ

This rune symbolizes the emotional world, the waters, the unconscious. Emotions, perceptions, intuitions that we sometimes hide or block out of fear of spilling over.

Cancer: Rune TYR

The Tyr rune is the rune of the warrior, of the sword bearer, that paths are open from the focus, the decision and with clear objectives.

Lion: Rune WUNJO

It is the rune of conquest. Symbolizes the flag that warriors put up when they won a battle and celebrated.

Virgin: Rune FEHU

This is the cattle rune and symbolizes money, prosperity and generosity.


This is the Sun rune. There is nothing to hide under the sun, everything comes out to be seen.

Scorpion: Rune of Algiers

It’s the moose rune, the antlers of the deer that the Vikings wore on their helmets. It is a rune of protection and defense. It’s like a shield that, on the one hand, protects us, but on the other hand, it can isolate us.

Sagittarius: Rune ANSUZ

It is the rune of the word, communication, writing and dialogue.

Capricorn: BERKANA Rune

It is the rune of spring. It represents the energy of the birch tree. It’s a fertile race, abundantconnected with the Great Mother.

Aquarium: Rune THURISAZ

The rune of giants. It symbolizes old mandates and structures that are already obsolete. It means that we will have to face, grow and feel internally powerful and mature.


It is the rune of travel, movement, transference and shapeshifting. The Raidho rune asks us to move forward, not be afraid to put our foot on the accelerator, as long as there is focus and clear goals to achieve.

by Kelida Marques

Psychoanalyst, Hypnologist and Reiki Holistic Therapist. The specialist makes predictions, plays gypsy cards and talks about connections between souls, among several other works related to numerology and astrology.

Source: Maxima

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