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Find out which tarot card represents your zodiac sign

Each sign has predominant characteristics and energies that can be attributed to specific tarot cards. See, below, those that represent each of the 12 signs and the messages they bring.

Aries is represented by the Emperor

The Emperor: Aries strength (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

O sign of Aries is represented by the card The Emperor. This blade shows the strength symbolized in this tarot image. The card says that the Aries sign needs to fight for what he wants. It also says that the native must control emotions. In addition, it shows that the Aryan needs a purpose in his life to direct him to the path of such a goal.

The sign of Aries is represented by the element of Fire. Another characteristic capable of illustrating this native very well is impulsiveness. The native is a person with leadership spiritso you need to be careful with pride.

Taurus is represented by the Pope

Taurus tarot card
Taurus is represented by the Pope (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

The element that symbolizes the sign of Taurus is Earth, and the taurus is represented in the tarot cards by the Pope. The blade shows that such a native is a completely patient, well-behaved and conservative person. However, he is a person with his own opinion and strong thinking.

Gemini is represented by the Lovers

Gemini tarot card
Os Enamorados: Gemini is explorer (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

Gemini needs to be a person who feels sure about what he does, leaving doubts aside and knowing how to make his own decisions. Gemini is an exploreradept at gathering information and experimenting with different possibilities.

Cancer is represented by the Chariot

Cancer tarot card
The Car: Cancer should know what it wants (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

O element of nature that represents the sign of Cancer is Water. Among the tarot cards, the one responsible for symbolizing Cancerians is the Chariot. This image says that it is fundamental that the native knows what he really wants and that he has complete control over his own life. Thus, he will be able to make choices according to what he wants so much and without thinking about what others will say.

Leo is represented by Strength

Leo tarot card
Strength represents Leo (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

O Leo zodiac sign is represented by the element of Fire. This means that the Leo man is a person who has enormous brilliance, but who must control his impulses so as not to end up acting the wrong way. In the Strength tarot card, this duality is represented by the bold lion and the gentle maiden; the raw power flowing through spirituality. Both learn to transform their aggressive and wild natures into love and compassion.

Virgo is represented by the Star

Virgo tarot card
The Star represents Virgo (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

O Virgo sign is represented in tarot cards by the Star. Virgo natives are ruled by the Earth element. They are also represented by the Hermit. Wisdom is symbolized in the Hermit’s very special lantern – illuminated by a bright star. That star is the Seal of Solomon, which means wisdom.

Libra is represented by Justice

Libra tarot card
Justice: Libras should be fair (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

O libra sign It is represented by the element Ar. In the tarot, he is symbolized by the Justice card. This means, explicitly, that the Libran must be a fair person and that he really makes the right judgment about things.

Scorpio is represented by Death

Scorpio tarot card
Death: Scorpio shouldn’t dwell on the past (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

O Scorpion sign Its representative element is Water. The tarot card that represents him is Death. Therefore, the image shows that Scorpio cannot cling to the past. He must leave everything old that new things may arise.

Sagittarius is represented by Temperance

Sagittarius tarot card
Temperance: Sagittarius likes to be adventurous (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

The Sagittarius native is represented by the Fire element. Your card is Temperance. Sagittarius is a person who likes to travel and adventure. Both Sagittarius and the Temperance card are constantly fighting for a state of being more enlightened.

Capricorn is represented by the Devil card

Capricorn tarot card
The Devil: Capricorn is strong and ambitious (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

Capricorn is represented by the Devil card. Strong-willed and ambitious, this sign is considered the “business man” of the zodiac. And he will not stop until he reaches the goals. Although Capricorns make great leaders, loyal friends and excellent lovers, the obsession with status and success can sometimes get these individuals into trouble.

Aquarius is represented by the Star

Aquarius tarot card
The Star: Aquarius card (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

Aquarius is a sign of the element Air. It is represented by the Star card. O aquarius is a person who loves freedom and likes to see the future. However, it is necessary to know how to deal with thinking about tomorrow so as not to end up forgetting to live in the present.

Pisces is represented by the Moon

Pisces tarot card
The Moon: encourages Pisces not to get carried away by illusion (Image: Wondersketch | Shutterstock)

The element of Pisceans is Water. These natives are represented by that of the Moon. It shows they are sensitive people. Therefore, the star encourages them to go over all the illusions of life and keep their heads up in certain situations.

*By Kelida Marques

Source: Maxima

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