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ITZY will participate in ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’ ALLSTAR festival

ITZY is the new MLBB Ambassador and comes with exclusive in-game materials; find it out!

Joining the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) ALLSTAR festival stage, ITZY emerges as the game’s global ambassador. To celebrate the arrival of the quintet, players, upon logging in, will earn exclusive rewards, including four new skins, and will keep the singers company yeji, Leah, ryujin, chaeryeong It is Yuna in the new theme map “Harmony”.

The group that emerged in February 2019 debuted with the first single featuring the songs “IT’z Different” and “Dalla Dalla” and has been successful ever since. ITZY is also known for being one of the youngest girl groups today and for its impressive number of awards.

Attuned to the interests of new generations, and with the aim of continuing to make alliances that encompass user preferences, MOONTON Games collaborated for the first time with artists from the music industry to promote a campaign.

Be a superstar!

Players will be able to acquire rewards of up to 1,999 diamonds – such as the exclusive avatar border, the Atomic Pop spawn effect, and many other new features arriving with the event from March 31st.

With four new hero skins to be released, the gamer will have “Miya Atomica Pop” by Miya, “Eudora Atomica Pop” by Eudora, “Selfie Angelical” by Rafaela and “Ninja Lunar” by Hanabi to fight enemies in the new thematic map. There will also be an exclusive ALLSTAR music track and 21 phrases recorded by ITZY singers so that all players can have fun while playing.

In addition, the Purify Harmony event, which runs from March 31st to April 23rd, will feature tasks to acquire Musical Notes that will be used to redeem ALLSTAR rewards, such as new exclusive skins. Free rewards will be given to users who log in from the launch day of the event until April 25th, and on April 7th, players will be able to check out a surprise video featuring the ITZY girls.

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