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4 tips to do it right

“Gasp day” is an expression used by people who follow healthy diets and eating habits, and refers to a certain day when they can eat snacks and treats without much restriction. However, so that this moment does not disturb or disrupt the traditional diet, it is necessary to have discipline and follow some essential tips. Check out some of them:

1. Take it easy

Trash day should be done with some care. “It is not recommended that on a single day of the week you eat everything without restrictions. But it is necessary to get out of the routine and choose a day to eat what you like and take away the stress that a restricted diet can cause”, advises nutritionist Talitta Maciel.

2. Don’t put the other days at risk

foods like candy, fried foods and fats are harmful at any time of a diet and excesses are not welcome, as they put all your other day dedication at risk. Therefore, enjoy this day in moderation, but always maintain your eating pattern accompanied by a nutritionist.

It is not recommended to eat everything on a single day of the week without restrictions (Image: stockcreations | Shutterstock)

3. Maintain discipline

On “garbage day” you also need to be disciplined about food. “About 500 to 1000 more calories should be added. Remembering that, if you exaggerate, you can consume triple that easily”, explains Talitta Maciel.

4. Be careful with the food consumed

The ideal is to choose small pieces and taste them well. foods to give more satiety. In addition, the nutritionist should always be informed of what you eat on the “day in the garbage”. Nutritionist Talitta Maciel recommends choosing sweets with fruit instead of cream filled with cream and condensed milk.

“If you used to eat a big piece of cake, eat only half. Opt for healthier versions like chocolate greater than or equal to 70% cocoa. This will make your re-education tastier and without exaggeration”, completes the nutritionist.

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