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The walls shook. The Ukrainian actress told how the New Year went

Photo: instagram.com/natalka_denisenko

The star admitted that his son was scared that day by the sounds of explosions, because the Russian invaders attacked the Kiev region with Iranian drones.

Ukrainian actress Natalka Denisenko tells how New Year’s Eve was for her family. He announced this on his Instagram page.

So, 2023 for a celebrity began with shearing the enemy. As he mentioned, he had never heard such a loud explosion since the beginning of a massive war.

“We started the New Year like this. My son was scared. I have not heard such a loud explosion since the beginning of a full scale … the walls are shaking … Thank you for the defense of the air. And the aliens nonsense **** are not long left,” wrote the actress.

At the same time, Natalka Denisenko added that the New Year was difficult because her husband Andrey Fedinchik was ahead, so they were not together on New Year’s Eve.

“This is the first New Year… I don’t know when we will meet… And the saddest thing is that most women in Ukraine will understand me,” shared the celebrity.

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Earlier it was reported that Natalka Denisenko spoke about the service of her husband, actor-soldier Andrei Fedinchik.

The Ukrainian actress got into a scandal for filming with colleagues in Russia

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